RemoteIE, Internet Explorer for each operating system, including iOS and Android

By | 10.12.2018

RemoteIE, Internet Explorer for each operating system, including iOS and Android

RemoteIE – Internet Explorer для каждой ОС, включая iOS и Android

Yesterday Microsoft announced a solution that provides the ability to test web projects with the latest builds of the most widely used browser in the world (read Internet Explorer) on devices with Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android.

No, the software giant has not released versions of their browser for each platform. Instead, he has made available a new free service RemoteIE that works via the Azure RemoteApp infrastructure Windows Server Remote Desktop Service to allow you to work with the latest builds of Internet Explorer on most operating systems without the need to use a virtual machine.

With RemoteIE Microsoft tries to push users into using Internet Explorer. This is a service that makes the process of creating and testing new products on IE is much easier, regardless of the platform, which uses the developer.

IE on Mac OS X…



and Windows 7!

RemoteIE works not only with Windows 10 Technical Preview. Developers working with Windows 7, you can also test your web designs using RemoteIE without having to install a new operating system or create a virtual machine. The same applies to operating systems from Apple and Google, as they can also use their iPad or Android tablets to run the latest version of Internet Explorer.

It’s all good, but there are a few limitations: for example, RemoteIE does not work as smooth as native version of the browser; each session using RemoteIE has a limit of 60 minutes; if the session is idle for 10 minutes, it will be automatically closed to save server resources.


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