Remote access to the computer in the framework of the program AnyDesk

By | 10.12.2018

Remote access to your computer through the work of the program AnyDesk

Удаленный доступ к компьютеру в рамках работы программы AnyDesk

Program to access remote computers on Windows and Linux AnyDesk was created by former developers of another program in this direction, the more popular TeamViewer. As TeamViewer AnyDesk is designed including for ordinary people, offering remote access in a fairly simple organization and user-friendly software interface. AnyDesk personal, non-commercial purposes is free to use. The program has in General a rather modest functionality and provides only a basic remote connectivity, including encryption and two-way data transmission. But in some moments it’s better and the same TeamViewer, and many other programs for remote access. The main advantages of AnyDesk is the high data transfer rate, undemanding to system resources and convenient format for connecting to computers to which remote access was carried out previously.


  • Download and install AnyDesk;
  • The connection;
  • The settings window of the connection;
  • The settings of the program;
  • Uncontrolled access to the remote computer;
  • The exchange of data between computers;
  • The list of connections;
  • AnyDesk installation of the operating system;
  • AnyDesk TeamViewer VS.
  • In this article, we will speak in detail about the capabilities and specifics of the program AnyDesk.

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