Red, blue… celadon

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Red, blue, celadon …

Alina Dudarev
red, aqua siniy..tsvet
number in May 2002

It is no secret that advertising often irritates zritelyaPrichem intrusiveness and inappropriateness of advertising is not the only reason for which it [advertising] is not lyubyatGlupost plot and the characters themselves even more annoying

And if we draw an analogy with the famous dictum: «The people has the government it deserves», can we say the same thing about advertising? So whether primitive Russian audience, how it shows ads or a portrait of a potential customer — a mistake advertisers? Here is an example of how to perceive commercials heroes viewers which emit Valais

Men’s images in TV commercials:

a) klutz fat;
b) klutz thin, even more miserable than the previous one;
c) «more than man» — slender, smart, fairly square chin, to the best of unshaven, moderately grow chest hair (two or three volosiny )
g) «the good doctor»

The first and second types are classified nedochelovekovPervy, second and fourth, as a rule, individualnyA relating to the third type are similar to each other as boyfriends Barbie dolls

Working men badly (e-my, what have I done), so strenuously shave, use deodorants, eat a lot, and then struggling with the effects of gluttony by a gum or tooth pastyOt kind of life they sometimes get cold, have a headache, there is dandruff and prohvatyvaet diareyaNekotorye men trained to feed their pets usually sobakPervye three types dream of maximum female (sexual, probably) attention — some consume this mint tablets, while others put their girls in bras their dirty noskiMuzhchiny principle not engaged in farming — from household appliances recognize only TV and toaster grill rarely use the washing machine, but only as an element of love igryVse men are the representatives of the european race, perhaps before the shooting, their character tested for nordichnost

Women’s images in the advertisement can be defined as follows:

a) fashion model / movie star; are, as a rule element anturazhaFunktsiya — their presence to inform spectator: «Wash in such a shampoo, wear such a tights and become the same attractive, as I» sometimes play the role of «wise friend» for zritelnitsKrome that are an element of prestige for the advertised . firm: if the frame known a woman with a large fee, but not the girl from the street — so a solid company
b) sex-active; almost raped men napshikannyh right deodorant and have fresh breath
in) simple-minded; . woman aged about 30 letKak typically thicker (that thick) and / or the advice of a friend or neopryatnyeVnimayut orgiastic sighs models on TV and become groupies advertised goods
g) good housewife / mother caring; on it rests domMuzh somewhere gads, children — clumsy, always dirty, but she feeds them, do all the washing, maintain cleanliness in the home and the freshness of the toilet at the same time looks good — often walks around the house in a business suit
etc.), a wise friend; a woman of any age, is not very taktichnostyuZnaet all about the advertised product, sometimes has a supply and generously shared with others, even when it is not asked to
e) a working woman; are divided into workers Service sector and workers in ofiseRabotnitsam service sector in life only need pain medication and laundry poroshokV woman office needed analgesic and dezodorantVse women are Caucasian raseTelo are slim, facing beautiful, pretty or blagoobraznyTolstymi and malosimpatichnye allowed to be a category) or the elderly » a wise friend, «» Dr. Wise «is much rarer than among muzhchinEsli woman is not engaged in breeding dogs professionally, then most likely, it is a pet cat

And although this typology is just a joke in every joke there is pravdyPoetomu worth pondering the reasons for which it porodiliPochemu our potential buyers perceive heroes commercials like characters comedic and also not of particular simpatiyuPochemu image of men and women in advertising are so primitive that few people is the desire to be like the heroes of video? This is usually iz-za that the creators of advertising is often suited to solving the problem superficially, without going into a detailed study of it
on the one hand, this is understandable — everyone does their job, and to delve into the subconscious and deep motives — work because psihologaNo objective of the advertisement is to create an advertisement that will contribute to the growth of sales of goods, not naoborotReklama should have an impact on a person, and if the image pozitivnoeNo influence, involved in advertising, disgusted, then what kind of influence do you mean?

Therefore advertiser must be a psychologist, and horoshimA what we see in advertising at this stage, like a thoughtless use of stereotypes

This practice, in turn, gave rise to another stereotype: STEREOTYPES IN ADVERTISING — IS BAD AND NEPROFESSIONALNOI this stereotype has gained importance of a categorical imperative, has become for many people the truth of last instantsiiHotya themselves stereotypes are not so plohiOni help the human psyche to save power

If we recall the theory of cognitive dissonance L.Festingera, it boils down to is that the person can first of all to pay attention to and trust to what he already has predstavlenieA if the perception is refuted, the first reaction is rejection informatsiiZatem is a period of adjustment, then the person either accepts it or not prinimaetI process is quite dolgiyPoetomu, breaking stereotypes, need to build on that, how much time you have to form a new stereotipovKonechno, company «Nestle» managed to overcome prejudice regarding instant coffee and it is now a recognized leader in the market, but such is far from everything

When it comes to stereotypes, formed in the course of a long period of evolution and based on physiological differences, we must realize that to break them even more complex than the stereotypes bytovyeNo, as I said above, use they must be carefully and umnoStereotip — not a primitive pattern of behavior and formed during the evolution of a set of mental and behavioral reaktsiyPoetomu clever use of stereotypes enhances the success of advertising and the use of mindless, nullifying the efforts of all the people who worked on the project

So what is the gender stereotypes, how they were formed and how to most efficiently use when creating ads? The last question I will not answer, because they do not consider it necessary to teach you to do reklamuYa show how stereotypes are formed, more precisely, slightly lift zavesuOstalnoe — chitatelyaTo task of eating fish, I will not give you, but I’ll try to teach you to fish.

So, let’s move from words to deluSkvoznoy nature of gender gaps underlines quite natural division of all mankind into two worlds — female and MUZhSKOYBanalnost this fact, however, in a different way is perceived in the light of scientific dannyhVed although men and women have much in common, they differ from each other on a number of important characteristics — psychological and fiziologicheskihPsihologi fairly well studied gender differences in the development of personality and cognitive sferyTakzhe known and what they are based on physiological razlichiyahVed genetic basis of what people call the floor, there is at the moment of fertilization, that is, the floor person defines only one chromosome.

Once a person’s sex is determined at the chromosomal level, the cause received gormonyEto going over from the embryonic state to a teenage vozrastaMuzhskoy (testosterone) and female (estrone, estriol, estradiol) sex hormones begin to be produced in the developing organism, long before the birth, which has serious influence on the formation of character and abilities chelovekaNekotorye hormones, particularly male sex hormone — testosterone, affect the brain patterns, which is associated with subsequent hormonal stimulation during adolescence, and, for example, the level of physical aggression, striving to develop new spheres of activity and also with the specific lateralization — the relative dominance of the right or left hemispheres mozgaEti and other biological factors lead to differences between the sexes, it is already noticeable in utero «competition» and since the birth of differences are amplified

Research shows that there are substantial differences between the brains of men and women by the brain, because the brain is formed largely due to sexually gormonamNekotorye ability based on the innate traits that are important for survival in ancient human communities

LVormek analyzed the factor structure of abilities, found that in men the main factors abilities are more differentiated and autonomous than the zhenschinPoetomu men, as a rule, can only do one thing at a time, while women — several things at once
This is due to the fact that nerves beam — the corpus callosum, which connects the right and left hemispheres of the brain, have thicker in women than in muzhchinNevrolog Roger Gorski of the University of California at Los Angeles found that the formation of connections between the hemispheres depends on the content in the body of the female hormone — estrogenaPoetomu woman has to 30% more connections between the left and right sides mozgaK Besides the male brain are clear specialization: the right is responsible for the orientation in space, it helps to solve mathematical problems and the like, and the left — for voice deyatelnostPodobnoe separation provides several advantages, allowing you to concentrate on the one the problem, but on the other hand it is fraught with serious dangers, but this you will learn from the book «Men and women in advertising»

Also hormonal differences influence the sensory perception of men and zhenschinNaprimer, men developed «tunnel» vision, and women periferiynoeI why outdoor advertising is perceived by the representatives of different sexes

Also, men and women have different perceptions tsvetaZhenschiny unlike men have two X chromosomes (X chromosome — a source of conical cells that perceive colors), with the result that it has a greater number of conical cells compared to muzhchinoyEto difference affects the amount of detail used by men and women in the description of the color gammyMuzhchiny usually talk about the basic elements of the spectrum: red, blue, green tsvetahZhenschiny usually used with terms such as ivory, aqua, mauve

And this is not the only otlichiyaMuzhchiny and women in different ways they see and hear, speak differently and perceive informatsiyui interested in various topics advertisements they see in different ways, in different ways to it belong, and react differently to her appeals

What is the mechanism of this effect is described in a few words is impossible, because stereotypes are not formed the basis of one vekIh steel physiological conditions, but they have evolved due to social, economic, political and religious way of obschestvaKazhdy age and every culture have contributed to the development of these stereotypes.

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