Recovery Seagate using programs

By | 10.12.2018

Recovery Seagate using software

Hard drives Seagate, like any other, is not immune from trouble. As a result of mistakes, faults in their work or when exposed to viruses information on them may be threatened.

What to do if the necessary files become inaccessible? You can recover them with the help of special programs, some of which we will consider in this article.

Восстановление HDD Seagate с помощью программ

Problem with HDD

Interruptions in the operation of hard disks can occur for several reasons. They can be divided into two groups – mechanical and logical. If you experience mechanical problems the best solution would be to contact the service center, because they can be quite serious.

Signs of such problems are:

  • instability of the hard drive;
  • the increase of time of load;
  • the appearance of ringing, knocks and clicks when working.

Logical (software) failures also lead to a variety of errors up to loss of information stored on the disk. Let’s look at two common problems.

Formatting HDD

Formatting can be as accidental, caused by negligence by the user, and resulting from a system failure. This results in loss of all files stored on the hard drive. In this case, do not despair – the data still be restored. The main thing is to isolate the hard drive and do not save new data on it, as this can lead to complete loss previously recorded files.

Восстановление HDD Seagate с помощью программ

Failure boot block

As a result, this failure doesn’t run an operating system that makes inaccessible information stored on the hard drive. It occurs as a result of the critical OS bugs that could be caused by malware. In this case, the data can also be restored.

SeaTools – a specialized program

For testing and recovery, Seagate has created a software package called SeaTools. It is a universal tool to scan the disk for different kinds of errors and subsequent data recovery.

Восстановление HDD Seagate с помощью программ

The composition of the utilities

SeaTools is a software package, each of which can be downloaded separately.

It includes:

  • the HDD diagnostic tool for Windows allowing you to check the drives with SATA, USB, ATA and SCSI;
  • diagnostics HDD for DOS that will help you to check the SATA and ATA hard drives with a bootable disk;
  • Seagate File Recovery is a data recovery utility.

Please note! Seagate File Recovery is designed primarily as a tool to work with disks of Seagate, but this does not mean that the program only supports this brand of hard drives. It works not only with hard disks from other manufacturers, but also different types of storage media – flash drives, memory cards, external HDD.

Video: restore seagate

The installation of the program

Consider the extremely simple process of installing the utility on the PC:

  1. download the installation file for Windows (you can do it on the official website);
  2. save it in the selected folder on your computer;
  3. after the download is complete – click on the file twice to start the installation;
  4. follow the instructions of the installer – choose directory where to save the program, confirm the choice;
  5. waiting for the end of the process.

Check disk

After installing the program, run SeaTools. The utility will determine the connected hard drives and offer to perform all sorts of tests.

After scanning for errors it is possible to carry out an automatic recovery of bad sectors, and get detailed information about each of them. All these functions are available from the menu «Basic tests». If you have any questions about the program, you can use the built-in help in Russian.

Восстановление HDD Seagate с помощью программ

Restoring data using Seagate File Recovery

So, let’s start to restore files:

  1. run the utility;
  2. go to list of defined devices (hard drives, flash drives, etc.);
  3. click the right mouse button on the desired media and select «Scan»;
  4. in the window that appears, again click «Scan» and wait for the completion of the process of finding deleted or corrupted files;

Important! The search process this can take a long time depending on the amount of scanned information. At this time do not close the program or turn off the power.

  1. after searching, there will be one or more sections with the caption «Recognized»;
  2. go to the first of them, go to «Root»;
  3. here is information that was found by the program (files and folders that were deleted will be marked with a special icon);

    Восстановление HDD Seagate с помощью программ

  4. allocated folders or individual files you want to restore (some of them may not open, but still be suitable for recovery);
  5. click on them right mouse button and click «Recover»;
  6. specify the directory where they are saved;

    Восстановление HDD Seagate с помощью программ

  7. waiting for the end of the recovery process.

Attention! The restored files cannot be saved on the device-the source. They need to allocate space on another hard disk or flash drive.

Other means of restoring the HDD Seagate

In addition to SeaTools there are many other universal programs that serve for this purpose. Consider some of them.


Recuva is a powerful and simple tool from the creators of such popular product as CCleaner.

Getting started with it:

  1. download the archive with the program;

    Восстановление HDD Seagate с помощью программ

  2. unpack it and run the installer;
  3. select the language and click «Next»;
  4. confirm the license agreement by pressing «Accept»;
  5. specify additional parameters and press «Install»;
  6. at the end of the process click «Finish» and run the utility;
  7. a wizard will appear that will help to start the program, select «Next»;
  8. in the next window specify the type of files you want to recover (pictures, music, documents, videos, archives) if you want to display all the files on the device – put a tick in the box «Other»;
  9. specify the location (if known), then «Next»;
  10. the program displays the found information;

    Восстановление HDD Seagate с помощью программ

  11. select all or individual items and click «Restore» (remember to save the data you need to another media);
  12. waiting for completion of the procedure.


Another popular program for operations with damaged files.

It looks like the following:

  1. download the program and install it on your PC;
  2. launch R-Studio and go to the list of connected devices;

    Восстановление HDD Seagate с помощью программ

  3. select the desired hard drive (flash drive, memory card) and press «Scan»;
  4. in the tab «Advanced» there is an item «Known file types»where you can specify the formats to search.
  5. if you want to restore all files, select «Search for known file types»;
  6. run the scan and look forward to its completion;
  7. after the display was found and is suitable for restoring the information, note the desired items and click «Recover».

Important! Scanning and recovery can take a long time.

Raise Data Recovery

Similar to the previous utility with a broad Toolkit. It can help locate the damaged sections that are not discovered automatically, to scan, restore and save the necessary data.

Восстановление HDD Seagate с помощью программ

If your choice fell on it:

  1. download and install the program;
  2. run it and on the toolbar, select «Scan»;
  3. specify the scanning area and file system type;
  4. select algorithm: «Search deleted files» (if the information media has been removed) or «Restore system file» (after formatting of or damage to its integrity);
  5. the expected results of the reconstruction (may take a long time);
  6. viewed found, opening items with a double click;
  7. select the required files and folders and click «Save selection»;
  8. specify the directory where they are stored (on a different drive or memory card);
  9. waiting for the operation to complete.

    Восстановление HDD Seagate с помощью программ

PhotoRec 7

Despite its name, PhotoRec 7 serves to restore not only photos, but any data in General. She works both with hard disks and other media.

Let’s get to work with her:

  • download and install the program (available for free on the official website);
  • launch and choose the drive with the lost information.

    Восстановление HDD Seagate с помощью программ

  • in the list of the specified partition or full scan of the «Whole Disk»and the file system type (FAT, NTFS);
  • specify the directory where data will be placed;
  • the option «File Formats» will help to specify the necessary formats (by default, the program searches for all data on the disk);
  • start the process by pressing «Search»;
  • PhotoRec 7 will automatically find and restore the files to the specified folder (must not be on the media on which you are working).

In General, the return of lost for one reason or another, information on hard drives Seagate is no different from working with hard drives from other manufacturers. It can be used as a specialized utility package, SeaTools and other universal programs. The process itself does not stand out much difficulty and it is quite feasible for the average user. We hope our instructions helped you with this.

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