Recovery OS: features and relevance

By | 10.12.2018

Recovery OS: features and relevance

Among the most important tools to return Windows to a working state, is the possibility of recovery – System Restore. How this works in practice, what features characterize further consider.

Features of the recovery process

Восстановление ОС: особенности и актуальность

The essence of the procedure of resuming an OS in that hard drive periodically creates copies of important files, each of which is referred to as checkpoint recovery. This allows, if necessary, to return the system to one of the previous state by copying the contents of the file in question point to the place current. Such points can be created by few, which naturally indicates that the OS in the required time may be returned to the state that occurred in the past.

Utility system Restore

In Windows this process is the utility «system Restore», which can be following this path All programs — Accessories — system tools.

With the help of this program can be carried out:

  • the creation of an entirely new system restore point;
  • return the OS to the state that it was in any of the previously created points.

Arranged this process is very simple. If there is a need to create a restore point, you need the corresponding row to set the ball, and then clicking «Next», follow the given procedure which mostly will be automatically executed and only occasionally, the utility will prompt you to specify any parameters.

It should be noted that with the resumption of the OS is important not to forget to choose in the calendar date of the snapshot, and if on this day they were formed, from the following list to choose the appropriate one.

Why the need for pictures of the OS

Восстановление ОС: особенности и актуальность

By installing new driver or device, by installing a new game or major program, it is strongly recommended to initially create a restore point. Nobody can predict how to behave in these innovations, and what will their installation. And creating before that point to resume, and in case of negative outcome of the process of installing desired applications by running the OS in safe mode and after playing it back, you can avoid its «death.»

The interesting thing is that in theory it is noted that with the installation of major applications and device drivers, the system needs to do the myself, but such is not always the case. Such a process should be implemented by the OS automatically and is updated.

The important point is that the point of resumption is not stored forever. For example, in Windows 7 given the persistence of such images in the order of 15% of disk space. And if disk space is not enough, all the CT are removed. So for this it is important to constantly monitor.

The percentage of disk space that is reserved for CT, it is possible to change, as well as to completely disable this security feature. To implement the first thing you can by moving the sliders changes of interest in the window «system recovery Options», and the second is noting in the same window, the box responsible for disabling the protection.

Of course, the renewal of the operating system is a powerful tool that allows you to preserve its vitality and buoyancy, but still not all-powerful. Although use of the only once you can boot into OS in safe mode to have on the equipment and the opportunity for anyone not to be superfluous.

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