Recovery of Raid array

By | 10.12.2018

Recovery Raid array

We live in an era, when gradually the most valuable currency is information. Therefore, more and more people are thinking about more advanced methods of security. How effective would software, there’s always a chance of data loss from the media.

The developers of computer hardware and software aim to make as accessible as possible their offspring. Because of this, today became popular RAID arrays. These systems are designed to facilitate and improve the habitual use of hard drives.

What it is

RAID is a set (array), consisting of several hard drives connected to the controller. Its main task is to increase the reliability of stored data. Also it is also meant to increase the speed of writing and reading information streams. Executing task will depend on the user-selected configuration.

Восстановление Raid массива

To use this storage method, it is necessary that all carriers were completely identical. This system greatly improves the quality of use of hard drives. To create such a system will have to buy a special controller. The price of this device may vary from a dozen to several thousand $. Budget models have a very simple algorithm. This affects the decrease in the level of security they much more often fail. However, even the most elite models do not give 100% security.

Reasons for withdrawal

As we have said, such a structure carries with it increased security. However, even it can sometimes fail.

This is due to several factors:

  • negligence. Often administrators do not pay enough attention to the security status of the network. In particular, the principle that lightning never strikes twice in the same place. That is, if the failed single carrier system. admin is in no hurry to fix it because the array continues to function;

Important! Forthwith make a complete check of the equipment, to avoid more serious problems.

  • neglect backup. Many believe that there is no need in this procedure. However, when problems arise, it turns out that it’s still mandatory;
  • low-quality equipment. The use of hard drives of dubious quality often becomes a source of major problems. However, buying expensive equipment, you will protect themselves 100% from trouble;
  • another common cause is simultaneous transfer of media offline. This happens mainly due to SMART;
  • the physical defeat of the discs (water, overheated, etc.);
  • a bad run of CHKDSK and such built-in utilities;
  • the defeat of the system by viruses.

As you can see, quite a lot of reasons.

Video: Recover Data from Single RAID

RAID levels and recovery principles

There are several varieties of these raids, which are significantly different from each other:

  1. the stripe (indicated by the digit 0). Mainly used when using two carriers (at least four) that collectively process information. As a result, significantly increases the overall system performance;

This is due to the fact that all data is split into blocks and processed sequentially. However, there is one drawback – safety suffers. Simply put, in case of failure of one of the disks, will I lose all the information because every file is stored on all carriers at once;

Tip: to store important information, it is best to create a separate media

  1. mirror (цифра1). Typically, when using such a structure, the raid data recovery is required very rarely, because of its reliability. The fact that all the information will be saved as long as at least one of the carriers.

Восстановление Raid массива

However, this scheme has a serious drawback – you lose the volume of the side disks. It applies only in those cases where it is vital to keep data safe. With all that performance decreases significantly;

  1. RAID 10 – is a Union of 0 and 1 levels. This array must consist of at least four carriers. This structure will remain operational, a problem with one of them. If you have problems, you should immediately determine the cause (disk or controller);

Восстановление Raid массива

When problems with your controller, it appears in the first place, what carrier are stripes. When a couple is identified, it is gathering information. However, there may be a situation when two media out of order. There are several options:

  • both media are part of the stripe. The controller works fine in the end, the array retains the integrity;
  • the same thing, but the array begins to fall apart. There is usually a replacement is required for proper stripe and its subsequent implantation;
  • carriers belong to different stripes. In such cases, the software build a new RAID 0;
  1. RAID 2. The principle is similar to the stripe: the information when recording is divided into blocks, that is, almost all disks are directly involved in its storage. It is possible to reserve one (or more) media under error correction code. This allows the raid recovery;
  2. RAID 5 is an array with parity. To create such an array you need to have at least 3 media. The resulting volume will be equal to the total amount of drives minus one. This scheme allows you to save information when potential problems;

    Восстановление Raid массива

  1. others (3,4,6, etc.). Are rarely used because they have a very complex structure. One can hardly imagine the average user who would be able to use them;

So which one should I choose? It is possible to derive two conclusions:

  • if you actively play games, watch movies and use other intensive applications, it is best to give preference to the Stripe. In this case, you will increase the performance of your computer. However, with this choice, you should use only quality media;

Tip: back up all data to protect yourself from unforeseen problems.

  • if you have very valuable information that you should stay on the so-called mirror. This will allow you to be calm;

What not to do

Also worth noting, and something you cannot do if you certainly don’t want to lose all the information.

Highlighting the main points:

  • it is impossible to make a new array based on the old media. Remember that it will not be workable. Before you do this, you need to restore;
  • also, you cannot run automatic provisioning. This will lead to critical errors;
  • utilities like CHKDSK also no good will not;
  • it is prohibited to write to the media. This can lead to the rubbing of clusters;

In any case, if you are not a specialist in this area, it is better not to go into the work array in case of faults.

Recovery methods

Most affordable methods of recovery is a software that is implying the use of any SOFTWARE. The developers are trying to simplify the work with their creations, so that such solutions are available. First let’s consider recovery of raid data. To use this utility you need at least 1Gb of RAM and availability of the installed browser.

Восстановление Raid массива

The assurances of many experts, this app is the most easily understood. Therefore, it is better to use for inexperienced users. It includes several versions regarding the type of the file system. To work with the RAID need to pick the appropriate variety.

Восстановление Raid массива

Data recovery uses three functions. Search for a topic. It is needed in cases when the required section was not found automatically.

  • to start you need to select the «find partition». After some time the system displays a list of all available partitions;
  • you must then save the result. This will save valuable time today;
  • then select the corresponding checkboxes and select «use selected»;

Scan. When you have found all the necessary sections, you can move on to the next stage:

  • click «scan»;
  • the result will be a message about the location and the type of the file system;

Tip: in some cases you may need to specify the encoding type.

  • next you need to select the scanning algorithm. In our case, choose «restore file system». There is also the possibility to choose the search and further recovery of accidentally deleted files;
  • by choosing appropriate parameters, run the program;
  • after a while a folder will appear with the results of the scan. Save all your data;

Восстановление Raid массива

Analysis of results and storage of data. To facilitate the work, the functionality of the program includes a preview. After reviewing all the results, put a check mark on the files (folders, arrays) that need restoration. In the end, choose «save selection». Now let’s consider more popular today program — R-Studio.

It is used mainly for simple tasks (for example, restoration of external drives) But with our job it is also easily cope.

In this case, all is fully automated, so the user is required a minimum of effort. Consider its use on the example of a simple RAID 5:

  • first connect all the speakers to the PC. It must be done so that they were initiated as separate devices. Simply put, they do not need to include data arrays;

    Восстановление Raid массива

  • it is also very important to connect them in series, so they decided in the correct order. If media more than five, it may cause obstruction;
  • don’t forget to include the media that will be used as a backing store;
  • suppose our array is in the three media;
  • run the operating system. You need to make sure that all devices read right;
  • learn settings. This can be done via the utility of RAID Reconstructor;
  • Run the application R-Studio. To maximize its functionality, you must register the version;

    Восстановление Raid массива

  • vybiraut Create Virtual Block RAID;
  • now add to the participants. To do this, drag the mouse we need the section from left to right;

Important! When adding a order.

  • when you have finished adding produced settings (type, size, blocks, etc.);
  • when finished with the settings, click on Refresh.

If done right, you will see the partitions that can be restored. Otherwise it is better to contact the experts. Can use other means, for example, Recovery Diskinternals. Its use practically does not differ from the above-mentioned application.

Hardware recovery

This is a more difficult path that only advanced users. Therefore, if you do not consider yourself to those, we strongly recommend you to give it up. The fact that admitting the slightest error will occur fatal consequences.

Восстановление Raid массива

In General the essence of the process can be described as follows:

  • the essence lies in the fact that the existing array is created again on the other controller. However, he must have absolutely identical configuration. This is not to use a rebild as it is possible to permanently lose all the data.
  • this should take into account the fact that there are models of controllers that immediately after creating the array to start initializing. This will lead to critical errors;
  • if all the media is OK, there is a probability of success of the operation. Otherwise, it is difficult to hope for a positive outcome;
  • if the data is still recoverable, but partially. You can further work with the software like raid recovery for windows or similar.

In the end we will note that it is not necessary to deal with such systems, if you don’t have a set of defined skills and knowledge. It is better to invite a specialist to be confident in the outcome.

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