Recovery of deleted data from USB drive

By | 10.12.2018

Recover deleted data from USB drive

If important data on the drive was for some reason lost it is not necessary to order expensive recovery computer firm. There are a number of ways to recreate it with their own hands at home. The sooner this is done after removal, the higher the probability to unchanged.

The reasons for data loss

The data that was stored on a flash drive, can be removed by multiple reasons:

  1. mechanical;
  2. hardware;
  3. software.

    Восстановление удаленных данных с флешки


Due to accidental or intentional physical damage of the media itself (the controller broke, damaged, etc.) stored information is lost almost forever. You can try to give the person, but the price of such a resuscitation, as the probability of obtaining very low.


Due to the impact of a powerful magnetic field, everything that is stored on the media may be lost forever.


Using the context menu or special buttons, the files disappear from the visibility of the user. Most often, they are still on the media and a certain time they can be in their use with the help of special software.

Recoverable data on the drive

Once it became clear that the lost USB memory information is needed, is to stop all manipulation of the media. Nothing it is not recordable, not removable, of course, is not formatted. The sooner after the delete to proceed with the search, the more chances to recover their materials.

Восстановление удаленных данных с флешки

You need to understand that the lost files are on the media, but they are invisible. But all that will once again be recorded, deleted, or any other manipulation (create folders, copy, move, etc.), will lead to the desired data will be placed on top of the new objects, and the important part will disappear forever.

Recovery algorithm

Regardless of the type of documents, terms and removal of used programs, you need to follow a clear algorithm of actions:

  1. to stop all manipulation of the stick;

Everything will be recorded, copied or deleted from this drive can be placed on top of the erased object, and it will lead to the fact that the renewal would be impossible.

  1. to check if hidden folder virus;

    Восстановление удаленных данных с флешки

Start scanning the USB stick with any virus scan. Then change settings so that hidden objects become visible.

Depending on the system may vary, but in General, you should perform the following menu items:

Start – control Panel – (this item may be slightly different) appearance and themes – (sometimes settings) folder — Show hidden files folders.

Восстановление удаленных данных с флешки

Now you can see if there are any necessary documents on a flash drive. If not, then they were removed.

  1. to prepare a place for the recovered data;

In any other place, except the stick which will search, create a folder in which we place the obtained after resuscitation materials. Another USB drive or disk, D.

  1. install special software for data recovery.

There are many programs that allow more or less to get back lost information. Free have restrictions (e.g. not allowed to work with the whole folder, allowing you to do it one object or etc.), but under normal circumstances these opportunities enough.

  1. scan removal site (whole drive or part of it);

    Восстановление удаленных данных с флешки

Almost always it takes about 20 minutes, no matter paid or free utility. It is always better to choose to search for all file types and in-depth analysis.

  1. specify the location to save the resulting information (item 3);

To tick and to save there the files. If you restored the whole drive, especially after formatting, the reserved amount must be equal to the full amount of drive, even if there’s only a couple MB of data. Similarly, when creating the image when you restore USB flash large amounts.

  1. view the restored data.

The green icons at the location of the points is prepared that documents fully resuscitated, yellow – partially, and red – they are completely corrupted. You can try another program.

Восстановление удаленных данных с флешки

Simple app Paint (graphics), Notepad (text) and VLC (video and audio), enable the use of even partially restored objects. Open partially damaged document specified or similar programs, and using «Save as» get a new file that stores a piece of data, ready to edit.

Sometimes even a fraction of data found can be very important.

What to get your data back

Most popular free designs for this purpose: Easy Drive Data Recovery, R-Studio, Recuva, TestDisk & PhotoRec , R. saver, DMDE. All these FOR just downloaded on their official websites, the latter two work even without installation.

  • DMDE — restores very efficiently, with the resulting database files can only work with each separately.
  • HDD Raw copy Tool – does a sector-by-sector analysis and a copy of the media.
  • Virtual CloneDrive – create the image in the format .img – suitable for speakers which have a size of 500 GB and more.
  • Recuva — well restores photos, audio and videos. Text and installation documents it is practically not under force.

If the free version doesn’t work, you can go to the website paid utilities, for example Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional Objectrescue Pro in demo mode to check that this version can find. If the result suits you, only then buy the program. Just got to save revived files.

Video: How to recover data

How to recover data from a flash drive if the computer does not see it

If after a USB drive was inserted into a computer it is not detected, determine the cause of «invisibility» — in PC or flash drive.

For a computer characterized by such reasons of failure:

  • not working USB port often enough to relocate to another port and it will work. In the system blocks it is better to use the rear port. This is due to the failure of the port or lack of power. If there’s a shortage of food, you should leave enabled only the keyboard, mouse and USB flash drive, pulling out speakers and other devices and try again or use another computer to read.
  • not working driver – you need to install the appropriate drivers or delete the file INFCACHE. He is hidden and is located in the system folder in DriverStore;
  • not the right letter to media – after pressing Win + R, enter diskmgmt.msc and there to set your USB drive a letter which is not repeated in any of the media. To do this, select disk management, using the context menu is active the flash drive and there already it is assigned a new letter.

As can be seen from described, the return information after deletion from USB drive the lesson real. But expect a positive outcome is possible if the new data has not been recorded as a new layer on top of startingindex. And this will become clear after scanning the flash memory with special programs. Further, you can save the information in a new place and try to bring to the initial condition editor, if the file was only partially resuscitate.

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