Recovery of deleted data from hard drive

By | 10.12.2018

Recover deleted data from hard disk

Data loss from hard drive, unfortunately, incredibly common. If it happened because of his fault, to recover the data you need to contact the service centers which are engaged in extraction of data from damaged storage media.

However, if the Winchester is OK, in most cases, to recover deleted data can be performed independently using specialized software, which will be discussed below.

Reasons for lost files

Causes for data loss from hard drives may be different. They are divided into two categories: mechanical and software.

Mechanical causes include:

  • strikes;
  • shake;
  • overheating;
  • the failure of the hard drive controller.

Восстановление удаленных данных с жесткого диска

The second reason involves software failures and user errors:

  1. computer viruses;
  2. sudden power outages;
  3. error;
  4. formatting;
  5. accidental removal.

Deleted files disappear completely

If data gets lost due to error, formatting or accidental deletion, they can be fully restored. For example, when formatting the data itself is not deleted, erased only the header, which contains information about finding them on your hard drive.

Восстановление удаленных данных с жесткого диска

The same applies to accidental deletion. The operating system marks the sectors in which data is stored, ready to record and displays them as free space. In this case the files remain on the HDD until they are sectors with new information.

In some cases, even when the mechanical damage, such as shocks, you can recover data from hard disk, but this is only the service centers.

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What if important information is deleted

The most important thing is not to panic. The probability of recovery that deleted file is very high. Users in this case there is a reasonable question: how to recover data? Come to the aid of special programs that scan the specified region of the hard disk and will help you to perform recovery even after formatting.

To reduce the risk of a complete loss of information, must adhere to the following tips:

  1. you need to delete the copy on that new information that may lead to the replacement of the sectors with deleted data with new ones, then get them will be difficult;
  2. you can’t defragment, as it performs a reallocation of disk space, which reduces to zero the chances of recovery;
  3. it is desirable to minimize user activity, especially in applications that use temporary files (e.g. web browsers).

    Восстановление удаленных данных с жесткого диска

Overview and principles of operation of utilities

Recovery tools provide the user with various tools which, with timely usage, gives almost 100% results.

At work they use the following methods to restore:

  • reconstruction of the structure of the file system (FS). Used in case of quick formatting or deleting a logical volume. The directory structure is not disturbed, which gives the possibility of restoring whole directories and subdirectories preserving ways.
  • file recovery. The method comprises reading of the official records of FS on which the software determines the location and attributes. This method works if no substitute data.
  • the ability to restore information to the signature. Performs a sector-by-sector scan for known signatures. However, their paths and names are not stored, and the result is sorted according to their type. Method is used if the FS is damaged, and its reconstruction is impossible.

Modern programs use all three methods. This approach ensures maximum and effective results required software. The article presents the most popular and powerful program. Many of them are free, but there is a paid version.

PC Inspector File Recovery

A simple but powerful application that allows you to recover data and deleted partitions. — Detect the HDD even if there is no boot sector. Supports work with network drives and the FS is FAT. PC Inspector File Recovery can be installed both in Windows and create a bootable floppy disk, allowing it to run even in the absence of the OS or in case of damage of FS.

Восстановление удаленных данных с жесткого диска

PC Inspector File Recovery is free and supports the Russian language, but the quality is not always consistent with the stated. In this case, the developers propose to use the paid services. Overall the app is great for most users in mind ease of use.

Work with the program

The interface is easy and easy to use. The work is done step by step.

When run, prompts you to select one of three options:

  1. search for deleted files. Used for accidentally deleted information;
  2. search for lost data. Option will help you to recover data in case of system failure or quick format;
  3. search lost volume. If the drive is not accessible or it has no alpha identifier, this option will correct the problem.

Восстановление удаленных данных с жесткого диска

After selecting the mode, PC Inspector File Recovery will start scanning and display the information about the available volumes.

Then open the desired section, where the user selects the search area, noting the start and end sector of the scan. The app will find all lost data in a specified range and displays them in the window where you can save.

Восстановление удаленных данных с жесткого диска

Similar actions are performed for the other two modes. Despite its simplicity, the utility effectively searches for and the preservation of deleted data.

Data recovery from hard disk R-Studio

R-Studio is considered one of the best programs among peers. If loss is unrelated to the physical media is damaged, then in most cases R-Studio with a high probability of saving deleted data.

It was originally intended for specialists in the field of recovery, but over time her powers have increased and R-Studio became available to ordinary users.

Восстановление удаленных данных с жесткого диска

Key features of the program include:

  1. support for all major file systems in Windows, Linux and Macintosh;
  2. extraction from corrupted, formatted and reformatted media.
  3. the ability to view content of any type and to assess the chances of a successful return;
  4. processing bad sectors;
  5. the presence of a hex editor;
  6. professional module reconstruction RAID, comparable with specialized software packages.

R-Studio can be used in almost all operating systems Windows, Linux and Macintosh. It is also possible to create a bootable media.

The app has an intuitive interface. At startup displays the available drives (including removable).

Восстановление удаленных данных с жесткого диска

To start scanning, you need to select that data you want to recover and click «Scan». This will start the search process.

Ontrack Easy Recovery

Easily able to restore lost data, even in the most difficult cases.

Restores data lost in the investigation:

  • the virus attack;
  • system failure;
  • improper shutdown of the computer.
  • damage of FS;
  • formatting (including full);
  • error when creating volumes.

There are cases where the operating system does not start in consequence of loss of system files, in this case, you can create a bootable floppy disk and carry out their preservation.

Восстановление удаленных данных с жесткого диска

Thanks to powerful algorithms, Ontrack Easy Recovery is able to restore damaged ZIP archives, text documents created in the software package MS Office. The unique module of Ontrack Data Advisor is able to diagnose the General condition of the discs and to identify the broken sector.

The Interface Ontrack Easy Recovery

Perfect for anyone ranging from the home user and ending with the experts in the service centers. Discreet, but the simple interface allows you to quickly understand the controls and immediately get to work.

In the main window of the program you only need to select the media type and click the «Continue» button, then a window will appear with a list of topics in which the user selects the drive to work.

After this, the access to the tools:

  1. viewing logical volume;
  2. reset after formatting the partition and delete.
  3. diagnostics;
  4. disc tools.

Восстановление удаленных данных с жесткого диска

The last paragraph includes the following section:

  • the creation of an image;
  • the deployment of the volume image;
  • up;
  • viewing;
  • update.

Depending on how files have been deleted, select the appropriate tool and starts scanning the marked area. Compared to other software packages, this process is fairly quick. Upon completion in the preview window will reflect the information found that can be saved.

Восстановление удаленных данных с жесткого диска

The program supports the Russian language, however, is paid.

Bootable floppy with Windows Easy Recovery

Windows Easy Recovery can preserve data in case of damage of FS or an inability to start your operating system. All the data it keeps on working HDD, partition or removable media. The app is loaded into RAM and runs from it. This is useful if the media is corrupted FS.

Восстановление удаленных данных с жесткого диска

Its interface is no different from any other software running in the Windows environment. Except that all the names will be truncated to 8 characters. To create the diskette, you must download a special installer and go to «Make Emergency Boot Diskette».

Windows Easy Recovery free, however unpopular, despite the good quality of work.

Power Quest Lost & Found

Effective utility to restore deleted data. Only works with bootable media. Characterized by the need to carry additional storage to save (to a flash drive or second hard drive), as Power Quest’s Lost & Found does not save to the partition to be restored in order to avoid rubbing.

The installer program is used only in order to create a boot floppy with the DOS operating system and the necessary tools for the job. After that the computer boots from the floppy and Power Quest Lost & Found is ready to work. The reliability of recovery it is very high. The app itself runs from the computer’s memory.

The process of restoring

Power Quest Lost & Found works in step mode, after begins the surface scan media for bad sectors, which will be offered to miss. After verification, the user is able to select the partition to be restored and the media on which data will be stored.

Восстановление удаленных данных с жесткого диска

After the scan is complete, the utility will display a tree structure of all directories and also will point out the probability of their recovery:

  • green and yellow – high;
  • red – low;
  • gray – impossible.

To save, select files, and then click «Start Recovery». Depending on their size and number, the process can take up to several hours.

Note: since the control is performed only with the keyboard, you should be familiar with the necessary keystrokes. This should cause a help menu by pressing F1.

Restorer 2000

Another interesting application that can be called an analogue of R-Studio, but with more limited functionality. Despite this, Restorer 2000 efficiently perform its tasks. FS works with FAT and NTFS, but also supports the creation of backup images.

The interface is similar to a shell of R-Studio. To start scanning you must select the object and press the scan button. Discovered data will appear in the right window, where you can view their contents.

Восстановление удаленных данных с жесткого диска

Overall, Restorer 2000 fully cope with their tasks, but to purchase a paid version is not advisable because there are analogues with a large number of features and tools.


Powerful tool to recover lost information. Apply separately for NTFS and FAT. The last choice for removable media (memory cards, flash drives). Regardless of the type of deletion, GetDataBack will probably bring them back fully intact, but only if the drive does not carry out any write operations.

Its distinctive feature is the possibility of recovery after full format and storage media with physical damage, but here the developers one hundred percent guarantee is not given, but the possibility is already a huge advantage.

Восстановление удаленных данных с жесткого диска

In addition, GetDataBack includes the following functions:

  • the search for the lost on the basis of official records;
  • the ability to recover files by signatures;
  • reconstruction of FS;
  • working through a network;
  • flexibility of configuration.

These capabilities allow the program to take a leading position both among professionals and among ordinary users.

The stages of work

Initially the software package comes in German, but you can download crack. The interface is the same as its counterparts – step-by-step. The first step is selected the script, which configures it under the appropriate mode.

Восстановление удаленных данных с жесткого диска

Several modes:

  • I don’t know, and I will use a settings (default settings);
  • quick scan (used when volume loss or accidental deletion);
  • the loss of FS, for example, after formatting or markup;
  • significant loss of FS, for example, after installing a new operating system;
  • recovery of deleted files.

Selecting the script, GetDataBack will open a window where you need to mark the restored disk or partition. After that the app will start scanning, and a new window will open the tree structure of files and directories. There, you preview and save.

Восстановление удаленных данных с жесткого диска

Overall, GetDataBack is very good, in most cases, perfectly coped with its task.

Acronis Recovery Expert data recovery from hard disk

The last in the list, but known to the program, wherein the flexible functionality and high quality of search for the lost information. However, specialization Acronis Recovery Expert – reconstruction of the directly sections that have been lost for one reason or another. If the computer may not have accidentally deleted a volume, the program check will fail.

Восстановление удаленных данных с жесткого диска

The main features of the software include:

  • the ability to recover lost partition with any file system and any size;
  • the opportunity to work with a boot disk or floppy disk;
  • support almost all types of hard drives IDE and SCSI interfaces.

The principle of operation

Unlike other programs, Acronis Recovery Expert tries to restore the entire partition completely with all the data by reading information about it from the MBR and MFT. However, despite the popularity of the program and of the manufacturer, it has its pitfalls.

Восстановление удаленных данных с жесткого диска

Efficient operation of Acronis Recovery Expert is provided in case of partial filling of disk space. If most of the space was occupied, there is a high likelihood that the utility will not only recover, but will corrupt data as it writes information in the same section, thereby increasing the risk of overwriting information.

Therefore, before going with her to work, it is recommended to keep important information first using other software and only after that trying to work with Acronis Recovery Expert.


Feature of all products of the company Acronis is a clear and intuitive interface. Work can be performed in automatic or manual mode. The first is suitable for beginners. Manual mode provides the user with information about the volume structure, and the choice of search locations. This will start a process that can take several hours.

Восстановление удаленных данных с жесткого диска

Recuva is a well — known program

Free, but good, with an intuitive interface. Useful as a «first aid». If the file was accidentally deleted, launch Recuva and within minutes the data is restored. Very helpful for the user will select the type of files to scan. This will ensure faster work and sort out unnecessary information.

Восстановление удаленных данных с жесткого диска

Recuva includes the following features:

  • search data deleted from recycle bin, player or flash drive;
  • support for all file types;
  • support nearly all types of removable media;
  • multilingual interface.

For «everyday» data recovery from hard disk recuva is perfect for you.

Восстановление удаленных данных с жесткого диска

Loss of important files is not a new phenomenon, therefore it is always recommended to back them up and to keep on hand one or several utilities that can recover your data even if the system crashes. It is important to remember that after losing files, you cannot write to disk any information. The ideal option would be run using the bootable media.

Here are some tips that will help to minimize the risk of data loss due to a software failure:

  1. always keep the disc clean. Do not abuse it with useless data.
  2. regularly clean the temporary files;
  3. regularly defragment and checking for errors;
  4. the carrier should always be at least 10-15% free space.

Important! Once the file is deleted, defragment and checking for errors conduct is strictly prohibited! This can lead to full data loss and the impossibility of their recovery.

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