Recovery of data from Android devices

By | 10.12.2018

Data recovery from Android devices

Tablet devices are now used for work, play, study, and solve many other tasks. That is why often when a system crash occurs you need to return any important data.

Deleted information can be retrieved with both internal memory and SD CARD.

Restore contacts

The operating system of this type is often used today the touchscreen smartphone. Sometimes by mistake or accidentally, the user removes the important contact details. On the phone just in case this is a special function that allows you to solve the situation.

For cancellations made to the address book changes, you must perform actions in a strict order:

  • go to the «contacts»;
  • open the menu «more actions»;
  • select the item called «restore contacts»;

    Восстановление данных с Android устройств

  • specify the time from which you want to retrieve the data (time) – 5, 10, 30 minutes or a week ago;
  • click on the button «restore».

It is desirable to remember performing operations of this type. Subsequently it will give an opportunity to roll back the device to its previous state if you encounter any problems. This method has its shortcomings – this feature is not available on all devices.

Problems can be resolved in various ways:

  • if all the contacts were synced with a Google account, you should:
    • disable syncing (settings->accounts->contacts->deselect);
    • go to menu contacts;
    • roll back to desired date;
  • to remove, and then re-activate your Google account.

    Восстановление данных с Android устройств

The easiest way to recover contact information from the Google account on Android using retrieve them from backup Google.

Today it is the most simple, but at the same time reliable way to avoid data loss from your tablet, phone or other device on this operating system.

Data recovery from memory card UnDelete Plus

One of the most reliable and popular application for work with remote data in any medium to date – this app is UnDeletePlus.

In order to recover even deleted information from your tablet, you must run in a strict order the following:

  • connect the gadget through a cable USBк personal computer;
  • to install and run UnDeletePlus;
  • on the left side of the application window select the desired drive, the gadget;

    Восстановление данных с Android устройств

  • click «scan»;
  • after completion of the process in the right part of the screen a window will appear displaying all previously deleted files;
  • select using the checkboxes and click on «restore».

It is important to specify the path for saving the data. This requires pressing the ellipsis button under the file list.

Program to recover data from the device 7-Data Android Recovery

7-Data Android Recovery will help to return the data from the flash drive or internal memory, lost in the following cases:

  • after formatting;
  • after cleaning the operating system Hard Reset.

Восстановление данных с Android устройств

The work of this application is associated with some nuances. They concern, first, the connection method and the process of extraction of deleted content.

Connect your phone or tablet

To perform operations for retrieving deleted files, you must connect the gadget to your personal computer.

It must be done in the following way:

  • in the «settings» section, tick the box next to «USB debugging»;
  • buy original USB cable and connect it to the computer gadget.

    Восстановление данных с Android устройств

Sometimes the debug mode in the appropriate menu is simply missing.

To solve the situation as follows:

  • go to «settings»->»about phone»;
  • press few times (3-4 is enough) on the field «build number»;
  • on the screen you should see the message «you become a developer»;
  • after completing all the above operations appears in the settings «USB Debugging».


An important advantage of the application concerned is the lack of need for rooting.

The process is as follows:

  • run 7-Data Android Recovery;

    Восстановление данных с Android устройств

  • main window opens, it is necessary to select the drive in which to work – and then click «next»;

    Восстановление данных с Android устройств

  • will start a full scan of the data present on the selected partition, after which the screen will display a complete list;

    Восстановление данных с Android устройств

  • with the left mouse button to select the desired files;
  • click on the «save» button, selecting the desired folder.

It is important to remember that place back to life data, you need another storage medium. Because otherwise conflicts might occur, and the saved information can very easily be lost again.

A brief overview

Today the market in the territory of the Russian Federation filled as products of famous brands and little-known. The latter is quite often sell products are not the best quality. That is why the loss of important information from the internal memory or SD CARD of the tablet or phone is not so rare.

The most popular applications that allow you to cope with this problem are:

  • Rashr – Flash Tool;
  • DiskDigger;
  • Photo Data Recovery;
  • Hexamob Recovery.

And use some software of this type is possible even without rootправ. That is a very important advantage. As is often together with the data may be lost the user rights administrator. There are specialized utilities, designed to work with a specific manufacturer or gadget.

Video: How to recover deleted files on Android

Rash-FlashTool – recovers deleted data

Utility called Rash-FlashToolпозволяет to recover data even in the most hopeless cases, when you have performed the Hard Reset or the drive is formatted. The most important advantage of the reporting software is its versatility. It is able to work with 90% of devices running Android that are present today on counters of shops.

Восстановление данных с Android устройств

To the characteristics of the Rash-Flash Tool may include the following points:

  • intuitive and convenient interface;
  • you can restore files of any type (documents, music, photos, videos);
  • available preview, as well as reading and writing to the media.

DiskDigger is a mobile version of recovery

Disk Digger is a utility which is not required to complete the installation. It allows you to recover any type of data, regardless of format or extension. The memory of the gadget, and with a flash card.

Восстановление данных с Android устройств

The most important feature is support for extensive list of file systems:

  • FAT 32;
  • FAT 16;
  • FAT 12;
  • exFAT;
  • NTFS.

Have to be installed on a personal computer. It is possible to work in different OS versions of Windows:

  • Windows 7;
  • Windows 8, 8.1;
  • Vista;
  • Windows XP.

Requirements to the hardware of the computer is minimal.

Photo Data Recovery is application for smartphones Galaxy series

Photo Data Recovery is a specialized software designed specifically for working with data, to remote with the following devices made by Samsung:

  • Galaxy Mobile Phone;
  • S2;
  • S3;
  • S4.

Восстановление данных с Android устройств

Due to the very narrow specialization, a program of this type is perfect for the return of files lost as a result of the media format or its damaged. The most important advantage of it is that the program was created and implemented official manufacturer Samsung. It is the main guarantor of the quality of his work.

Hexamob Recovery is an effective application for Android

Hexamob Recovery is designed to recover data on your tablet without the use of a personal computer.

The application is equipped with the following features and characteristics:

  • it is possible to return to a working state previously deleted applications.
  • support file systems: VFAT, ext2, ext3, ext4.

    Восстановление данных с Android устройств

The disadvantages Hexamob Recovery can be attributed only to the mandatory rights, type root.

Otherwise, the execution of various operations will be difficult or impossible. Corrects the position of the built-in guide the restoration of the rights «super user». The likelihood of a return to life any of the data depends on the state of data blocks.

For comfortable work with the utility Hexamob knowledge of the English language. Because the manufacturer is not supported multilingual. The interface is intuitive even for an inexperienced user.

Every day smartphones and tablets are becoming more popular. That is why various kinds of utilities that allows you to recover lost files is vital. Most often the loss of important data occurs as a result of careless treatment, damage, accidental formatting.

Regardless of the nature of the damage, the lost data can almost always be recovered. The manufacturers of the respective software every day, make their offspring more sophisticated.

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