recover data from DVD and CD drives

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Recover data from DVD and CD drives

The reasons for the corruption of information a great many. However, regardless of the degree of damage to the mirror surface, almost always there is a possibility to save the data. This can be done in various ways. There are specialized applications, giving the opportunity to revive the information, even with almost unreadable discs.

Causes damage to the disks

CD/DVD discs cannot be read for various reasons. And not always the problem lies in the media.

This files most often encounter the following situation:

  • there are problems with the drive;
  • on the CD there are a large number of scratches;
  • cracks;
  • the damaged substrate;
  • a failure has occurred during recording;
  • disc RWстерли for the implementation of the subsequent overwrite on it.

Восстановление данных с DVD и CD дисков

In each of the above cases, the content can be saved in various ways. Easiest to use program for recovering data from CDs and DVDs. Also there are various mechanical methods – the impact on the unreadable surface.

Problems with the drive

Often the problem is not with the CD, namely with the drive.

The reasons for the occurrence of such a situation, there are many:

  • the low quality of the optics used in the apparatus;
  • the correction algorithm is not powerful enough;
  • on focusing the lens there are dust particles or other foreign objects.

Восстановление данных с DVD и CD дисков

To check your machine for the media, just to try to read the drive on another drive. If this fails, then blame the device. Otherwise, the reason lies in the disc. To resolve this situation is a decrease in the speed of rotation of a spindle – the lower it is, the higher the probability of successful reading.

Surface contamination

One of the most common causes of problems with reading – surface contamination. Often there are fingerprints or dust the most common. To deal with this kind of contamination is quite simple. Just gently wipe the surface with special wipes to clean equipment, then to repeat the process with a dry cloth.

It is very important not to wipe in a circular motion along the paths and from the center of the drive to its edge. Since scratches are radial, which can be applied at the ingress of grit or other object on the surface of the cloth, will cause significantly less damage than concentric.

In any case you should not use the following substances to remove dirt:

  • acetone;
  • a solvent for nail varnish;
  • gasoline;
  • kerosene.

Above-listed substances can damage the material from which made the CD/DVD.


Getting access to information much in the way of various kinds of mechanical damage. First of all, this is the usual scratches. The polished surface is quite fragile, therefore, cause her damage can be very simple – only one grain of sand.

Восстановление данных с DVD и CD дисков

Mechanical damage can be classified according to their form and location:

  • narrow;
  • wide;
  • concentric.

Narrow scratches do not usually constitute a serious hazard due to the large number of possible correction algorithms. Wide scratches more dangerous – a machine for reading could simply lose track, while starting to read the next.

Concentric scratches bring more problems. As they usually hurt the whole sector. Most correction algorithms are not able to cope with problems of this type, because the positioning system cannot run in normal mode. To allow this kind of situation can only Polish the surface.


Another big problem are cracks.

They are of two types:

  • from the center;
  • from the edge.

If you frequently use the drive at high speeds defects of this type are getting worse. To rectify the situation, you can use mechanical repair and special software for intensive care information.

Damage to the substrate

Often the cause of problems becomes damage of the substrate.

Восстановление данных с DVD и CD дисков

There are defects of this type in the following cases:

  • not complied with the conditions of storage;
  • discs are of low quality.

Most often the substrate is damaged due to contact with the liquid between it and the polycarbonate. This usually happens due to the lack of varnish on the ends, or when storing the drive in a room with high humidity.

Crashing when recording

Sometimes the CD/DVD be damaged during recording. This usually occurs because of an error IN, or any incorrect actions of the user.

Восстановление данных с DVD и CD дисков

The easiest way to access the information in the following cases:

  • was performed append to a multisession RW media-type;
  • when you run the current session was a mistake.

Data recovery from CDдиска in such cases usually does not cause difficulties. It is sufficient to use specialized software.

Rewritable disc is erased or re-recorded

Sometimes it is necessary to recover information that was lost when erasing or overwriting.

Similar processes can be divided into the following types:

  • a quick wipe;
  • full erasing.

If you use quick erase to revive the data can be partially. If applied full – data lost forever.

Video: restore CD DVD scratch

Ways restore disks

At the moment all the methods of resuscitation can be divided into the following categories:

  • software;
  • hardware;
  • mechanical.


There is a large selection of different IN to conduct the resuscitation of the damaged media.Software of this type is simply unreadable content fills the empty bits, either by making copies from neighboring properties. This method is not suitable for all types of files.

Восстановление данных с DVD и CD дисков

Each application is quite effectively cope with restoring access to lost content. But this method helps not always – in such a situation it is advisable to resort to a hardware or mechanical data recovery method.


To provide instrumental reanimation used drive utilities that include specialized drivers. They make it possible to use clustered read – so you can avoid unresponsiveness of the operating system in the process of working with a damaged disc. Through reading this type it is possible to minimize the loss of information.

In some devices for reading are built-in functions:

  • improved focusing of a laser beam;
  • compensation of the ellipsoid.


If the defects on the surface is very extensive, it is possible to apply a mechanical restoration – polishing. To implement this operation requires special equipment and a great experience. Many scratches are repaired similarly to cracks in the glass car – performed drilling, after which the edges are glued together with polymer.

Восстановление данных с DVD и CD дисков

Copy methods and reconstruction

Method copy and reconstruction can be applied in the following cases:

  • perhaps reading the TOS, the tree directory but access to the required files and individual folders are not;
  • if you try reading the drive the OS freezes;
  • the reader tries to access data at different speeds, but a positive result is missing.

If you cannot access the TOS can be applied sector-by-sector reading, or intellectual processing. If the media is not recognized, it is desirable to make his way in the aftermath to reconstruct the damaged areas with the help of special software.

Not read TOS, do hot swapping

If the TOC is not read, and the disc is not recognized by the drive, you can process hot plug.

Successful reading requires only three fields TOS:

  • the address of the leadout;
  • the starting address of track No. 1;
  • address of the session, if used RW.

    Восстановление данных с DVD и CD дисков

The process of hot swapping requires the same, a fully recorded disc, as well as disassembly of the device for reading.

The process of hot swapping are as follows:

  • insert the new CD/DVD;
  • after reading the TOS is replaced by unreadable (requires disassembly of transmission);
  • runs specialized software to reconstruct.

How to recover data from CD

For resuscitation drives of this type there are many different. It can be both commercial and free. Its reliability is usually not affected.


To revive the CD/DVD with ISOBuster, you must do the following:

  • open the utility and in the left part of the window allocated to the device;

Восстановление данных с DVD и CD дисков

  • in the right part of the window, call the context menu on the desired object and click on the «create image file IBP/IBQ».

Восстановление данных с DVD и CD дисков

After the process is complete, you will need to mount the resulting image to work with it.


For the resuscitation of the data using WinHex required:

  • Nagatino «Tools->Open Disk»;
  • in the «PhysicalMedia» select the drive;
  • select option «Tools->Disk Tools->File Recovery by Type»;

    Восстановление данных с DVD и CD дисков

  • to designate the types of files to be restored in the «FilesHeaderSearch»;
  • choose the destination folder;
  • click «OK».

The whole process takes a lot of time. But at the end the user will be able to access the files.

Recovery Toolbox for CD Free

Work with RecoveryToolboxforCDFree is as follows:

  • after you start will open the device selection window;

    Восстановление данных с DVD и CD дисков

  • select the directory to save and click «next»;

    Восстановление данных с DVD и CD дисков

  • in the opened window put a tick next to the desired file and click «save»;

    Восстановление данных с DVD и CD дисков

  • the screen will display the process of reanimation;

    Восстановление данных с DVD и CD дисков

  • at the end click on «exit».

    Восстановление данных с DVD и CD дисков


Dead Disc Doctor

A revival of a Dead Disc Doctor:

  • in the left window of the program select the drive, right – required files, folders, and click «next»;

    Восстановление данных с DVD и CD дисков

  • select the directory to save and again click «next» to start copying.

    Восстановление данных с DVD и CD дисков

In some cases, the operation takes a long time. You should never interrupt her – because you will have to start all over again, which will lead to loss of time.

CD/DVDдостаточно unreliable, but they are easy to damage. However, they continue to be actively used. Problems with reading can be resolved in various ways – software or hardware.

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