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By | 11.04.2016

So, we have a server based on Debian.
Complaint outgoing spam from the server.

Objective: To clear all items and find the cause.

Solution: options, of course, a lot. Consider one of them.

1. connect via SSH and see all the letters: the mailq

Yes, a lot of letters.

2. Turning off the mail server (standing for postfix) /etc/init.d/postfix the stop

3. Look at the connection port on the 25th: the netstat -apn | grep: 25 If there Established — means no spam is sent through a malicious script that sends mail, bypassing the local mail server.

4. Clear the place of letters. Of course, provided that we can do it (in the queue can be a real letter real users). Postsuper -d the ALL postsuper: the Deleted: 72 849 messages

5. Try to include extended logging-mail: the mv / usr / sbin / the sendmail /usr/sbin/ touch, / usr / sbin / the sendmail the chmod + x / usr / sbin / the sendmail

-n the echo '# / bin directory / the bash!
the logger -p the sendmail-the ext-the log: $ site = {} HTTP_HOST, the client = $ {REMOTE_ADDR}, script = $ {SCRIPT_NAME}, the pwd = $ {} the PWD, = $ {the uid} the UID, the user = $ (the whoami)
/usr/sbin/ -t -i '> / usr / sbin / the sendmail

6. Run the mail server /etc/init.d/postfix start

7. Watch the log tail -f /var/log/ see something like:

Jan 23 16:25:25 danma logger: sendmail-ext- log: site =, client =, script = send.php, pwd = / var / www / danma / data / www /, uid = 33, user the data-the www =
Jan 23 16:25:25 danma postfix / pickup [11520]: E3CD259403D: uid = 33 = from
Jan 23 16:25:25 danma postfix / cleanup [11522]: E3CD259403D: message-id = <b381adaa7a41abcb0359b5233047a74b @>

I draw your attention that this is one of the options.
If there is a ID letter in the complaint — should see it in the log items.
It so happens that the server is openreley.
And sometimes, it just picked up the password to the box — it just should pay Attention!

How to delete all messages?

Here are typical command to delete all messages in the queue. The Exim : exipick -i | xargs exim -Mrm

Postfixpostsuper -d the ALL

Sendmail rm -rf / the var / the spool / mqueue / *

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