Rasirena manual check your computer for viruses

By | 10.12.2018

Rasirena manual check your computer for viruses

Currently, there are malicious programs distributed via the Internet that can damage RAM, hard disk and other devices for replacement which would have to spend a considerable amount of money.

It is worth mentioning, and about popular method of fraud with the use of modern technology – identity theft, which can cause significant harm to their owner. It can be as secret codes and credit card numbers, and professional information not be disclosed.

That is why the care for an optimal protection of your computer needs to come to the fore.

Check with installation of antivirus

Now choosing the right antivirus is not too much difficulty. Network easily find the latest free and designed for different budgets offers from companies engaged in the development and constant updating of methods comprehensive protection of computers, tablets, smartphones.

Equipping their device with a range of products to check for viruses, you can do the usual things without thinking about how to preserve and protect the important information and the computer in General.

A complete solution from ESET NOD32 Smart Security

Installing this complex components, ensuring the proper level of safe work in the network, the user receives a complete set of necessary applications:

  • antivirus for ongoing protection of your device from all known threats;
  • an anti-spam filter that does not allow Inbox messages malicious, Intrusive advertising offers;
  • phishing that allows you to keep passwords, codes and personal information used to identify the visited sites;

    Раширеная инструкция проверки компьютера на наличие вирусов

  • anti-theft designed to search for devices that are lost or stolen;
  • anti-spyware, protect PC from unauthorized installation of digital spies, able to pass owner is strictly reserved for information;
  • the parental control system, ensuring the access of children and adolescents only to those sites approved by parents;
  • control of removable USB devices, which will not allow to prevent contamination of the system from extraneous sources of virus threats;
  • the firewall helps filter incoming and outgoing data packets.

To begin the verification process, you must:

  1. To run the application
  2. Choose the menu item «Scan PC»

    Раширеная инструкция проверки компьютера на наличие вирусов

  3. To determine the appropriate method of verification – selective or full
  4. To see the report generated at the end of testing

Full system protection with Avast PREMIER

Choosing a complex protection avast, you not only get a powerful antivirus, but also become the owners of the following important additions:

  1. automatic updating of the basic software that allows you to avoid dangerous sources of virus threats;
  2. complete removal of sensitive data without possibility of recovery by any known at this time means;
  3. safe system for online payments and control over the balance of the card;
  4. the latest generation firewall that protects the operating system and data stored in memory.

Activating in the left panel, menu item «Scan», you get to choose. Any problems found can be fixed easily by pressing the corresponding buttons that appear at the end of the analysis.

To start the application, the user must perform the following steps:

  1. To run the application
  2. In the left pane, select the menu item «Scan»
  3. To determine the verification method: smart scan, search programs, threat analysis or PC performance
  4. To fix prolecia or deleting files by clicking the proposed button that appears at the end of the process.

Check utilities

Sometimes the existing system of protection PC is either not satisfy you. In this case, you can check for viruses in your computer will help additional installation tools – applied products that solve the individual tasks.

Dr. Web CureIt! — scanner for Windows

Doctor web offers a suitable solution for those who want to be as confident in the protection of your device. To use the scanner is not obligatory to have an installed antivirus package this particular manufacturer.

Раширеная инструкция проверки компьютера на наличие вирусов

In order to verify the absence of threats, you need to do the following:

  1. download utility on official website of doctor web;
  2. start the executable (you do not need additional installation);
  3. to view the final report and to verify the presence or absence of threats on your device.

When it detects dangerous or suspicious objects, the utility places them in quarantine and then the user can try to cure them, to restore mistakenly flagged as a threat, or completely delete files. Running the application and selecting the area you want to check, we are able after the operation to choose for ourselves what to do with dangerous file – disinfect, delete or quarantine. The report may be added the required information, the time and the quality characteristics of verification.

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool — virus removal

Free temporary replacement of permanently employed protective programs can be the free Kaspersky Lab utility to help identify and remove a majority of known threats.

Раширеная инструкция проверки компьютера на наличие вирусов

Among the main advantages of its use are the following:

  • user-friendly interface to run and operate program does not require extra knowledge or special skills;
  • checking for threats produced using the database, and using scientifically-based heuristic analyzer
  • you have the option of installing the utility, even in safe mode, if normal to make it does not allow the source of the infection;
  • expanded opportunities for treatment of damaged files;
  • can be used on computers without antivirus.

After some time after installation KasperskyVirus Removal Tool for repeated use may need a newer base to upgrade which is impossible due to the limited capacity of the program.

In this case:

  • remove old version;
  • download new from the official website.

Video: Check Kaspersky

Users who have installed the utility, it should be remembered:

  1. it is not recommended to use multiple versions of a program – this can lead to incorrect operation;
  2. constant memory scan is not performed – limited edition only works after starting to run;
  3. cannot be considered as a substitute for anti-virus protection.

To begin the verification process, the user must:

  1. To run the application
  2. To activate one of the tabs — automatic check or manual treatment
  3. To set the required security level
  4. To select the action that the system will perform after the detection of the virus
  5. To see the results of the program.

How to check computer for viruses online

Scan your computer without antivirus can be done in several ways:

  • in the browser built addition
  • download a special utility
  • on the tools providing such services, the user loads a different suspicious files

Base are outside the physical location of computer memory for their storage and use apply cloud technology.

BitDefender QuickScan

The manufacturer of this anti-virus product offers to set a permanent extension for the browser, and use it before performing critical operations on the network associated with making payments using online payment or transfer of confidential information.

Раширеная инструкция проверки компьютера на наличие вирусов

BitDefender QuickScan:

  • suitable for machines with low system parameters.
  • does not slow down your devices.
  • Does not require installing additional programs, saving space on the hard drive.

Suitable browsers, on the basis of which can act in a complex check for threats over the Internet:

  • Firefox;
  • Opera;
  • Safari;
  • Google Chrome;
  • Internet Explorer.

The advantages of using the online version are:

  1. Ultra speed mode – scanning takes only 1 minute;
  2. Using the latest technologies to detect viruses;

    Раширеная инструкция проверки компьютера на наличие вирусов

  3. The lack of inhibitory effect on the CPU.

For those who choose this method of analysis required will be the following steps:

  1. To ascertain the connection with the Internet
  2. Click on the button with the magnifying glass, and then running a quick scan
  3. To view report data


Another online facility that allows you to organize the safe running of the computer without antivirus.

Раширеная инструкция проверки компьютера на наличие вирусов

This network program is distributed free of charge, defines the following types of malware:

  • common viruses;
  • Trojans;
  • applications-dialers;
  • viruses-jokes;
  • spyware;
  • Internet worms.

If you decide to verify the absence of threats with this method, you will need:

  1. Go to the official website of Panda
  2. To choose a suitable way of checking – simple, no registration or advanced, which would have once lead the identification data;

    Раширеная инструкция проверки компьютера на наличие вирусов

  3. Click on the go button
  4. Depending on the preferred method of analysis to a brief or expanded report

The Microsoft Safety Scanner

An additional analysis of the system for viruses from Microsoft allows you to identify and remove from memory, the most common varieties of malicious applications.

Раширеная инструкция проверки компьютера на наличие вирусов

Can be used in conjunction with a continuously running antivirus any manufacturer without any conflicts than will protect by initializing the danger of using different search algorithms.

10 days after installation the validity period expires, for longer use they need to re-download from the official site of Microsoft, and the launch is already the updated version.

Users who opt for the anti-virus scan from Microsoft should do the following:

  1. Download from official website and install the app-scanner
  2. To implement it

    Раширеная инструкция проверки компьютера на наличие вирусов

  3. To select the type of data analysis:
  • A full analysis of memory. Takes a long time depending on the amount of filled memory.
  • A superficial analysis. Scans only those areas of memory that are most often placed security threats;

    Раширеная инструкция проверки компьютера на наличие вирусов

  • Selective analysis. Is performed in addition to the surface. Additionally checks the folder or file marked as mandatory.
  1. At the end of the scanner to analyze the report.

Depending on the purposes for which you most often use your device:

  • games
  • online shopping
  • payments
  • storage of important data

It is possible to give a definite answer to the question of which of the many antivirus systems most fully ensure the safety of further work. In some cases it will be sufficient tools or built-in browser application.

Other options will require an expanded package of software products offered by most manufacturers.

Protect your device properly, and then you’ll forget that this virus, as properly selected the software it will find (at the stage of penetration), immediately neutralized and removed. This article deals with the types of anti-virus protection of personal computers and other similar devices. Compares advantages and disadvantages of the various means of protection, we analyzed the differences between the proposals of the manufacturers

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