Qualcomm: new Surface 2 not go to any comparison with the Nokia Lumia 2520

By | 10.12.2018

Qualcomm: the new Surface 2 not go to any comparison with Nokia Lumia 2520

The presentation of the first tablet from Nokia puts the company in direct confrontation with the Surface 2 tablet from Microsoft, which is in the process of acquiring a mobile business Finns. According to Qualcomm, who is the manufacturer of the processor for the Lumia 2520, there is no competition and both tablets can’t be matched.

While Nokia Lumia 2520 is counting on a powerful Snapdragon 800 chipset from Qualcomm, for Microsoft Surface 2 uses Tegra 4 from NVIDIA.

«The performance of the Lumia 2520 is excellent,» said Raj, Talluri, senior Vice President of product management at Qualcomm. According to him, the tablet from Nokia is on a different level and as a whole it does not compare with the model from Microsoft. «He’s better in all respects – faster and with less energy consumption», says Talari.

And although the opinion of Talluri is biased because his company supplies chipsets for Lumia 2520 tablet from Nokia really has the advantage. Quad core processor the Lumia 2520 operates at a frequency of 2.2 GHz, while the Tegra 4 in Surface 2 at a frequency of 1.7 GHz. However, it’s just dry numbers and only consumers will decide which device is better, and the upcoming holiday season is the perfect time to figure it out.

Let me remind you, both tablets feature 10 inch displays and running the RT version of Windows 8.1.

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