Punto Switcher: key challenges, advantages and disadvantages

By | 10.12.2018

Key features and capabilities Punto Switcher

Now there is no need every time to pay to spend time switching keyboard layouts while typing. The smart program will automatically install the correct – instead of «CCC» obtained in error, You will receive need «WWW». Punto Switcher sees what the currently typed keys and invalid combination of characters, changes the layout to a more suitable without any user intervention.

The disposal program millions of letter combinations and word forms in many languages. The program is able not only to automatically change the layout. If you configure the hotkeys, you can write the numbers in words, thus gaining the normal, to translate the word into another language, check the spelling and meaning of a word in the dictionary. The creators aim to increase productivity when working with text and keyboard input.

Features of the program

The functionality of the Punto Switcher is quite extensive:

  • Setup to change the layout on arbitrary combinations, which is very convenient if you want to work with three or more languages;
  • Automated execution of transliteration and correction of case of the entered characters;
  • Create macros when working with acronyms, abbreviations and long complicated words;
  • Utility has an advanced clipboard, which stores all recently used snippets of text;
  • Automatic cleaning of unnecessary formatting when you copy text passages, which, for example, is often lacking in Word.
  • Punto Switсher allows you to use audio themes for signal switching and overall sound design;
  • Search the selected word in the built-in dictionaries and the Internet.

Punto Switcher: основные задачи, преимущества и недостатки

The pros and cons of Punto Switcher


  • The program is distributed absolutely free, has an extensive user community and produced famous company Yandex.
  • Very functional.
  • Does not require additional training to work with her, does not occupy a lot of system resources.
  • Through the use of macrosociety significantly increases the typing speed.
  • Remains possibility to switch the keyboard layout.


  • It is necessary to exclude the overlapping hotkeys when the system change the layout and hot keys.
  • When typing slang words and restricted subject of the text problems can occur in the form of false positives of a switch.
  • Need to pre-configure a macro without the possibility of importing them to another computer.

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