Psevdoprofessionaly on SEO forums

By | 07.04.2016

Sometimes you want to learn a little nyuansik about this or that aspect of the promotion of sites. Maybe you’re just starting to promote your project and want to understand what’s what, maybe working for a long time, but then it turns out that you know not all. And then you go on one of the forums, where sit the so-called pro. You ask a question and then begins such. Troll in such forums is many times more than anywhere else, and these trolls — professional. That is, they gradually masterly and very veiled Naham, then poured water, well then deign to condescend to answer. It would seem as a whole — is true. You do not know — a great expert SEO you enlightened, and for this self-affirmed. But in fact, after analyzing the answer you will understand that in the best case, you are left with their knowledge about the world, and at worst to understand that there is no perfection in the world.

In fact, it’s time to accept the truth that the one who knows, rarely sitting on such sites. Those who know, understand and feel the market work, earn money, and then to the extent of his depravity, and in accordance with their priorities as either invest in another project or spend earned. And they have no time to talk, and to condemn someone for not knowing.

And if we talk about the pros, if you manage to find this, then he is either able to answer briefly and quickly to your question, or it is fair to say he did not know all the mechanisms. Because ultimately the search engines is a lottery.

So the easiest way to learn the truth about SEO is a method of trial and error and their own way. And your way to the forum on the search engines is — just an opportunity for site owners to earn money, including those with your help.

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