Proxy: what is it and why to hide ip address using proxy server in your network

By | 10.12.2018

Proxy types of proxy servers and the benefits of using

Proxy is a remote server used for advanced Internet users, for secure or anonymous links to web resources and their functionality with an IP address that is provided to the user thereby the proxy server. Proxy servers have 3 types of Protocol: HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS four, and are classified by the degree of anonymity.

Прокси: что это и зачем скрывать ip-адрес через прокси-сервер в сети

A transparent or transparent proxy

Transparent proxy, or as it is called in some circles — transparent, means a standard proxy server that does not distort the user data, but increases the speed of loading pages of the visited site, placing them in the cache. Transparent proxy is not suitable for bypass of various systems of control, as it displays the real IP address of the user, however, it is widely used to restrict accesses to resources for a specific group of people.

Anonymous proxy

Anonymous kind of proxy is similar to a transparent proxy server only, as for caching, the rest of it is very different. As the name implies, anonymous proxy provides the user complete anonymity, it is expressed in the substitution of IP addresses, for any casual or IP address of the proxy server, therefore no system will be able to track the user’s navigation while surfing the Internet.

Elite proxy server

Elite proxy completely secure and the privacy of the user, they hide a fact of using a proxy, all server functions are saved, namely: changing the IP address and increases the speed of loading of sites, but this information is not displayed anywhere.

The use of proxies: for what and and who need a proxy

Proxy server is not used just ordinary users of the network, however, they are vital to those who for some reason was limited access to web-based resources. For example, the inhabitants of Ukraine, more recently, restricted access to many Russian services, but this does not stop the Ukrainian users to visit banned by the government resources such as Vkontakte and many others. in order to visit your account in the said social network, just connect to a proxy with an IP address from another country where a moratorium on this resource. But if you need a Ukrainian proxy, then you can buy quality proxies in any quantity: anonymous to work with a stable and high-speed connection to web-based resources. You can also use a proxy if you are blocked on the forum, chat or any online service, samples to use a lot, just not all face problems of blocking.

Прокси: что это и зачем скрывать ip-адрес через прокси-сервер в сети

The scheme of data transmission in the network through a proxy server

Often proxies are used to control the flow of traffic from search engines and the timely disabling of access or to restrict access to certain sites from certain computers, for example, many advertisers to block access to social networking sites for their employees.

Due to the fact that a proxy server provides caching of web resources, the user can use the power of the server and to download pages with greater speed that also allows you to save money when using unlimited tariff plans Internet connection.

Прокси: что это и зачем скрывать ip-адрес через прокси-сервер в сети

How does the proxy server, what in plain language for «dummies»

Proxy: so whether you need the anonymity of the Internet

The need to use a proxy to surf the Internet — the question is not unambiguous, still not all people use them for permanent use, someone does not need, and someone in ignorance of their uses, but sometimes, the connection to the proxy is necessary. The need of a proxy does not have to be connected with the lock, but with the desire to remain anonymous person and be assured that neither the web service nor the service provider nor the search engines will monitor the actions and interests and will not be able to apply our data to their advantage.

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