Simple ways to remove Pokki

By | 07.04.2016

Theoretically, Pokki — a very useful program. It allows you to control everything that happens on social networks without having to open multiple tabs in browsers. This is done in the form of widgets, that is, more beautiful and should be. Each of the latter is connected to a social network, and together constantly hangs in the taskbar. The program supports all major browsers and social networks. Developers promise that the handy tool is not found. But what if all the «friends» could not be with him? Remove course. And here everything is not rosy.

Removing the classical way

The usual method for removing — through the Control Panel — Programs and Features, containing a list of all that is available to the user. Pokki is represented by 2 lines in it: in fact, «Pokki» and «Pokki Download Helper». Both isolated and removed.

Naturally, the program is first necessary to go either through the menu button on the Taskbar or through the Task Manager. There is only one problem. More than half of the users of this super-useful programmulku claims that thus the program is not retired.

Deleting alternative uninstaller

You can try to remove Pokki with other tools. In particular, an excellent job with this task a standard uninstaller Total Commander or notorious Revo_Uninstaller.PRO. But we need to make sure Show hidden files.

You can also use Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware, and Windows Doctor, also do not forget to put the boxes «Show hidden and system files» in the «Explorer.exe». But they still need to download and purchase a license because they are not free. And what if the disposal neither the time nor the means?

Removal by hand

Like many software modules Pokki, stored in the AppData folder / Losal user account. To remove it, you need to go to the folder C: / Users /% UserName% / AppData / Losal / Pokki (in earlier versions of the operating system instead of the Users will be Documents and Settings), find it Unistall.exe file icon and run it. It’s own uninstaller program.

You can find this file in another way — by calling the Task Manager, find the tab «Processes» and Pokki from the context menu, giving the command «Open file location».

Solely for the sake of self-complacency, go to Start — Run, you can run:

  1. regedit — and run through the registry by removing Pokka of all parameters and branches;
  2. msconfig — startup and check, in which uncheck pokki.exe, if there is one.

Actually, that’s all. You can enjoy the familiar tabbed browser and clean system.

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