Simple ways to remove the Windows 7 updates

By | 07.04.2016

upgrade from Windows 7
For the system to upgrade from Windows users know it all, even those who have almost nothing about the software at all. The system is so often signals the need to install them or that they have already established that many natural question arises: what to install and what it should be, but it might be worth and to remove?
But before you decide on a radical, you need to understand , what are you doing.

Windows Updates: what and why?

The developers have done so that it automatically turns on when the update installation. In other words, appearing on the official website of Microsoft additions to the software downloaded at the first connection to the Internet and can be integrated with the system is restarted.

The official version says that it is necessary to:

  1. Software continuity;
  2. protection against trojans, viruses, worms and other network «disease»;
  3. ensure the stable operation of Windows and its components
  4. easy and discreet installation of device drivers.

If you think about it, like, all this is a very necessary function.

The developers of Microsoft’s arguments to prove that by disabling this feature, the user:

  1. reduces the level of safety of the Internet and any local networks, since no anti-virus will not have time for exuberant imagination virus developers, and system security updates should make it immune to them;
  2. limits their access to both the latest and the old programs and hardware that can not run at all or not work properly;
  3. It reduces the performance of the system, depriving it of the new modules, libraries, patches, including critical.

Why throw away right?

The question arises: why do remove such useful, according to the other thing? The fact that many users have noticed that when automatically installing updates the system starts to hang at boot time, for a long time «to think» up to half an hour for the time the computer is turned off.

Some complain about the emerging «out of nowhere» incompatibility with the software or device with which «only yesterday» there were no problems.
Sooner or later, by reflection or «educated bet» the user finds a reason — an update! To get things working again, they need to be removed.

remove the update

In fact, it’s not difficult. To remove the update windows 7 need only requires a few clicks away.

    1. Open the Start menu and go to Control Panel.
  1. Select System and Security, and in it — Windows Update.
  2. In the resulting window, on the left there is reference, one of which — View update history — and opens a little list of installed packages. By default, only the last, but the top of the list, you can click the link «Installed Updates», then all will be visible.
  3. This list is selected or the last date of the update (unless, of course, problems have appeared after it), or the one that causes the problem, and then from the context menu provides the command «Delete» (which, by the way, in it — the menu — only) .
removing updates through the control panel

There is another way to remove the update.

  1. All in the same Control Panel, select «Programs and Features» section.
  2. In it we find the «View installed Windows updates,» — and, voila, we get the same window that displays a list of all available «innovations».
  3. Further all as described above.

Do not delete the update: what to do?

Now it is necessary to consider more unpleasant situation: the problem or packages are not removed at all or immediately re-established. Sometimes it becomes like a vicious circle, but the problem can be solved. Practice is the only case where the update is really impossible to remove — when it is set by Group Policy and the user has no rights to change it.

  1. The first thing to do — to write on any piece of paper the name of the package, including the prefix HF.
  2. Then carry chain Start — Run — cmd. At the command prompt, enter
  3. wusa.exe / uninstall / update name.
  4. Next, Enter, and then the computer will ask to reboot. But it can not do in any case, because it is simply repeating the same closed chain. No, it is necessary trick!
  5. Therefore, run Control Panel — System and Security — Update Center, select a reference, «Setting», and in the resulting window, all the options are marked to prohibit the installation of updates without the user’s knowledge.
  6. Only now you can let the computer reboot.

Actually, the command line is necessary only when the problematic software is not willing to leave. If the package is easy to install again, it is possible to confine pp.3-4, and then remove it as described in the previous section.

Getting rid of the future hassles

How to rid yourself of the future installation of unwanted software? All the same, «the Windows Update» to select «Setting» and a general ban to download updates, or to select an option, in which the system will ask what to install, leaving the user to install only what is really necessary, but not everything .

If you want to prevent the installation of specific updates, it is sufficient in the list proposed for the installation, click on his name right mouse button and give the command «Hide update»

So, if you want or need, you can get rid of unnecessary add-ons to the system, and forbid her to set them in the future.

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