Project Spartan on Windows 10 build 10009 (Screenshots)

By | 09.12.2018

Project Spartan on Windows 10 build 10009 (Screenshots)

Build 10009 of Windows 10 Technical Preview, which we saw in the first screenshots with a very questionable icons – includes the first version of Spartan.

The version of the browser in Windows 10 build 10009 is called Project Spartan, as Microsoft still thinking of how to christen their software.

The company confirmed that the browser uses the new Edge engine, not the Trident from Internet Explorer 11. Along with this, we already know that it will be integrated with Cortana, the voice assistant is not the only characteristic feature of Spartan: it will support extensions, and will allow you to make annotations on web pages and use a special mode which optimizes the sites for their easy reading.

Project Spartan в Windows 10 build 10009 (Скриншоты)<

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