Project Adam: a true artificial intelligence?

By | 10.12.2018

Project Adam: a true artificial intelligence?

If you are a fan of the genre of science fiction and were part of his heyday in the 70-ies and 80-ies of the last century, and probably you wanted along with Clifford Simak, Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke about the dawn of a new century, when each of us will be able to communicate with machines as equal beings to us.

Alas, even today, despite the enormous computing power at our disposal, computers are still quite stupid… or limited in perception and their capabilities. But soon this may change and one of the brightest hopes on the horizon is the name of the first man according to biblical history, Adam.

Project Adam

In a nutshell, Adam is Microsoft’s response to Apple’s Siri and Google Brain. The latter is a technology that provides intelligent navigation of Google Maps and the option to search by voice in Google Voice. Like its competitor, Project Adam uses a special mechanism for the processing and storage of information, known as deep learning (deep learning).

This is a special type of machine the algorithm trying to simulate the way in which our own biologocheskoe the brain interprets the data, stores memories and creates associative links between them, which you can then reproduce, analyze, and integrate a new unique way. However, unlike all other alternatives, Project Adam does it more intelligently. According to Microsoft, the key here is specific, decentralized hardware architecture of artificial intelligence.

Project Adam: истинный искусственный интеллект?

Instead of trying to synchronize all the information, Adam uses a treatment process called «async». In other words, it accumulates data, but not normal for a machine intelligence in a systematic way, and leaves them free to interact with each other and «exploring» the emerging relationship. In this way, according to Microsoft, Adam reaches two times more accurate results than its competitors, regardless of whether it is about detection of small differences in similar pictures, or finding the most adequate answer to the question. While Adam have required approximately 30 times less computer resources than any other existing alternatives.

Deep in the informational fog

The structure, which is based on the Adam is unique. It includes dozens of computers and servers connected in a network that resembles the neurons in the human brain. To demonstrate the power of Adam, Microsoft has loaded into the system more than 14 billion images of various objects, sorted in 22,000 categories. Between them, Adam has created more than 2 billion connections and even made a very subtle distinction between similar objects, like two almost identical breeds of dogs (Welsh Corgi and Cardigan Welsh Corgi, according to a blog from Microsoft Research).

Project Adam: истинный искусственный интеллект?

You may already be wondering why Microsoft dropped so much resources and efforts in the development of artificial intelligence that distinguish the Dachshund from the dog? The above example is very basic and shows one of the many features of Adam. When implemented in commercial products such as smartphones and tablets from the next generation, this technology has the potential to radically change our lives and the way we use our favorite mobile device.

For example, the tablet or smartphone that uses the Adam will be able to recognize strange formation on your skin, and even informed with a high degree of accuracy whether it is benign or malignant and, accordingly, give you advice, should immediately consult a doctor. If you make a photo of food using a mobile device camera, Adam will provide you with accurate data about its composition: salt and sugar, calories etc.

Adam and eve (sorry, cortana)

While not officially reported, but Project Adam will probably be integrated as a key part of the digital assistant Cortana, which is currently still in the beta phase. Of course, it will be closely linked to the Bing search engine from Microsoft and a competitor to the ubiquitous Google. It is unlikely that you will see Adam in iOS or Android, but this project will definitely make Apple and Google more hard work on its own AI.

Although currently, the Adam is supposedly ahead of both Siri and Google Brain (opinion Matt Zeiler, one of the former developers of the latter), this does not mean that in the foreseeable future, this situation will not change. Anyway, the dawn of artificial intelligence has arrived, and Project Adam is the first evidence that from the creation of machines able to withstand the notorious Turing test, we separated a few years.

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