Programs for reading e-books on the computer

By | 10.12.2018

A program for reading electronic books on the computer

Who said that reading books on a computer is not an option? Of course, tablets are more portable, and the readers are better suited screen. But there are programs for reading e-books on your computer, which make the process very convenient.

In addition, these programs have a variety of features not available on smartphones or e-readers.

Program overview

Consider the most popular tools of reading books. It can be as well-known classic applications, and new developments or specific tools individual advanced features.

ICE Book Reader Professional

One of the most ambitious programs for reading books on the computer – ICE Book Reader. The developers claim that on a huge set of functions, the program surpasses analogues. Indeed, ICE Reader stands out not just powerful functionality but also some exclusive challenges.

Программы для чтения электронных книг на компьютере

It easily «clings» voice engine that allows you to read text with a high degree of accuracy. Can be used as a standard engine Microsoft and third-party.

Interface ICE Reader meets modern approach: most of the display is reserved for the text (which is fully configurable), the menu is hiding in the little strip at the top of the display. The view is optimized so that when reading the reader’s eye tired, maybe less.

Another manifestation of the tendencies of our day: it works, and how the local library. You enough once to import into the directory of your library, and you will be able to open books directly from the catalog (Hello iTunes!)

CoolReader 3

Another powerful cross-platform development. The program supports, like the classic text files, documents, and web pages, and specialized book formats such as FB2 or EPUB.

Appearance is configured in all details. The background, font, brightness, hyphens, paragraphs – all of this can be set in the settings. As in ICE Reader, special attention is paid to the readability to the eye.

Программы для чтения электронных книг на компьютере

If you’re a computer user of «old school», you will appreciate the intuitive control with the keyboard. But under the touch program is not particularly sharpened.

Have CoolReader has a mobile version, which, however, have to work offline. Paradoxically, the version for mobile devices is more functional than the PC.


Modern classic reading books on the PC. The program allows you to fine tune yourself appearance – paragraphs, hyphenation, size and type of font, illustrations and other display options. You can create multiple profiles appearance of books and load them when needed.

Using AlReader it is possible to read a variety of book formats, in particular, FB2, EPUB, as well as office documents, text files, HTML pages and many other file types. The text can be not only read, but keep quotations to bookmark, comment.

Программы для чтения электронных книг на компьютере

In AlReader it is possible to load various extensions. She has a huge selection of control methods: keyboard, mouse, touchscreen or finally automatic scrolling.

Slightly old fashioned interface AlReader leads to memories of the days of Windows XP or even 98.

video: an excellent program for reading books

Liberty Book Reader

Liberty is not so much a standalone application, as a service that combines different device. While the app is only available for Windows, but soon the developers intend to launch versions for iOS and Android. Starting reading at home, you will be able to continue in transport or at work.

Supports the most popular modern formats – EPUB, FB2, RTF, and some others. Books can be added, as from a local source or from OneDrive or your own shop, Liberty (for developers is, of course, the priority).

Программы для чтения электронных книг на компьютере

The program’s interface is completely designed in the style of ModernUI, with an eye on mobile usage. Even the shortcuts in the application are not implemented, instead, the control offered by a mouse or by gestures.

The best times for this service, obviously, will come when there will be integration with mobile applications for other operating systems. Meantime, better to stay on other programs (if you only need support for touch screen and ModernUI).


This program came with the FB2 format, specially designed for e-books. She has the perfect understanding of all elements of the format. Split the book into pages, the correct insertion of illustrations, hyphenation, footnotes and references. No problems with fonts and encodings. Can you say, perfect app of its kind.

Программы для чтения электронных книг на компьютере

It is possible to configure, and the appearance of the screen, and the size and type of font and highlighting paragraphs. Connoisseurs of the e-reader can also sync the desktop version of FBReader and mobile, creating a single library using Google Drive.

SSHD — what is it? Types and purpose. Find out here.

If you are limited to only one format FB2, the program FBReader is the best choice. But to work with other formats of the books will have to install other apps.

Program for reading books on the computer in DJVU

Although the DjVu format is popular enough, ordinary readers do not support it. However, there are other apps that will allow you to access magazines, books and documents in this format.

Программы для чтения электронных книг на компьютере

WinDjView — a specialized program for reading books of deja vu. The DjVU format is good for documentation with abundant drawings, illustrations and formulas for facsimile editions and illustrated instructions. The network has a lot of scanned Newspapers and magazines, books and posters of different years in the DJVU format.

The program allows you to configure the display of images with the maximum freedom. Colors, contrast, and other settings, playback mode – all that will help the picture read better. To read the scans, sometimes not quite legible, it is sometimes critical. If the critical text, then you can work with a text layer of the document.

Narrow specialization of the program was difficult to classify the faults. It is a tool with maximum options for one specific task – viewing DjVu-files. They are quite specific and require just special tool.


Quite unassuming program for reading books on the computer in PDF format and some others. Traditionally supports the most popular file formats, automatic scrolling, setting the type, different options display books.

Программы для чтения электронных книг на компьютере

However, the program is not new and receives updates often, which can be seen immediately. Reading such popular formats as PDF or FB2 will be required to install a plugin from the developer of the program: initially they were not supported at all.

Dignity BookView – extremely miniature size: all author’s plugins, it takes less than a megabyte. Requirements she is also very modest. Ideal for very old computers, for some reason, remaining in the ranks.

Adobe Reader

Program for reading books on the computer Adobe Reader in the first place works with a proprietary document format Adobe PDF files. This is not the only and not even the fastest software to read PDF books on your computer, but it is official, it is offered without any conditions and has a user-friendly interface.

Программы для чтения электронных книг на компьютере

You can work with images as with text layers, you can move from file, scale it and watch in different modes.

Another advantage of the program is to support DjVU files, organized roughly the same as the PDF. If you have no need in-depth support for the format, another tool for working with DJVU you do not need.

There is an alternative– Foxit Reader, but in some respects it is inferior to the original reader. So to allocate it in separate section, we will not.

TOM Reader Russian

If other support of the Russian language is not so critical, TOM Reader must speak Russian perfectly. To say this is not just an image: TOM Reader allows you to connect third-party speech synthesizers that convert text into voiced speech. It allows you to adjust the stress or sound combinations in spoken words.

This is the main advantage TOM Reader. Otherwise it’s a pretty common program for reading books aloud on the computer from a critical drawback: it does not take the EPUB and FB2. Today, when many readers of the digital library in these formats, the lack of support leaves her with almost no chances.

Программы для чтения электронных книг на компьютере

As a rule, the choice of the program for reading books comes down to a choice between three main options that exist for the PC, and mobile devices:

  • CoolReader. Powerful ,with support for different formats is well optimized for eyes;
  • AlReader. Universal, originating from the era of Windows Mobile, and works with different formats;
  • FBReader. Ideal for FB2 format.

Others, should be considered in some cases when you have special requirements for reading:

  • old, low-powered computer with limited memory. For such machines-relics ideal BookView;
  • you need to sound books while reading. Then you need to choose between universal ICE Book Reader, and more focused TOM Reader;
  • need support for DjVu. Here not to do without specialized software – best WinDjView;
  • you prefer to work with ModernUI interface. Then the only choice – Liberty Book Reader that has built-in still store, and the sight on mobile usage.

Another nice property – they are all free. A conditional exception can be called Liberty, offering to buy books in the online store. But in it you can just load the books from your drive and read without restriction.

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