Programs for reading and editing pdf files

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Program for reading and editing pdf files

Hardly any other electronic document format to compete with PDF spoken language in the world of digital technology. Because PDF includes in your files, not only text, but also the most diverse schedule. And all this is guaranteed to play on any computer with high quality without any distortion.

Overview and features PDF-technology

To create and edit these files need additional editing programs (pdf editor). With their help you can create and view documents, edit text and pictures, to do a breakdown of the separate villages and many other things that you may need to edit.

These programs are primarily:

  • Adobe Acrobat;
  • Adobe Reader;
  • Foxit Advanced PDF Editor;
  • Nitro PDF;
  • Infix PDF Editor;
  • Foxit Phantom;
  • PDF-XChange Viewer.

Rarely one of these programs fails to impress with its simplicity and ease of use and broad functionality.

Adobe Acrobat

If the user does not need a regular online reader, but a set with a lot of features to work with PDF files better then Adobe Acrobat is hard to find. Because with its help it is possible not only to view the document, but also to make changes to it, in parallel, to create a new page, arranging the contents of the old files.

Adobe Acrobat allows you to create and install the software on your computer a virtual printer, which makes it possible to quickly convert a document from PDF format to any other.

The program also makes it possible to label create and edit documents, if you want to insert images, add watermarks, bookmark, annotate a separate place. In Adobe Acrobat you will need from web pages you can easily create a PDF document.

User to view this document, it is enough to know its URL, and wait time download to your computer. After all the files have a significant amount, and the download takes quite some time.

If desired, the user of Adobe Acrobat can create files that are protected with passwords. And these passwords are quite often «hard nuts» for professional burglars.

Программы для чтения и редактирования pdf файлов

Main functions and features of Adobe Acrobat:

  1. with its help are created and easily editable PDFs;
  2. Adobe Acrobat with a virtual printer allows you to convert your files to any other formats;
  3. makes it possible to add bookmarks, markers and comments;
  4. has in the Arsenal of tools for creating forms;
  5. provides various templates for new documents;
  6. simplifies the sending of documents via e-mail.

This is only part of the functional features of Adobe Acrobat. The full set of features changes over time as new versions become available.


Infix PDF Editor

Infix PDF Editor is used to edit the PDF files. It allows revision of individual parts of the final document, and all at once. You can also create new documents.

In the presence of the Infix PDF Editor has all the necessary fonts, which are selected automatically. Replacement can be carried out simultaneously on multiple pages of the document being edited.

Spell check can be performed in more than twenty languages. As to the advantages of Infix PDF Editor include the ability to work with various graphic images created in different formats.

Foxit Advanced PDF Editor

Using FoxitAdvancedPDFEditor, you can edition in PDF format without installing additional or auxiliary programs. Of interest to open the document and start working with it or using the browser or by simply dragging and dropping files into the program window.

Программы для чтения и редактирования pdf файлов

Starting a text edition file, you need to first highlight its individual parts to be replaced, and then work with the text. Because this program does not allow you to edit the whole page entirely. But in Foxit Advanced PDF Editor to replace not only text content but also its font, margins, edges, style, spacing between individual sheets.

Advantages of Foxit Advanced PDF Editor:

  1. you can revision all page elements: images, text, links;
  2. you have the option to complete the document signatures, crop the borders of the pages, change font styles, align text relative to the center or the edges, to refer to fragments inside the document to a web page external;

    Программы для чтения и редактирования pdf файлов

  3. the page size can be easily changed, it is possible to change the indentation, rotate the page;
  4. also provided patches already scanned text.

The main disadvantage of Foxit Advanced PDF Editor is that it has a modern interface, not enough English.

PDF-XChange Viewer

PDF-XChange Viewer freeware is a very handy viewer for PDF-format. With its help you can quickly add the selected text file different annotations and comments. You can view several individual documents and to allocate the necessary texts from their pages.

Программы для чтения и редактирования pdf файлов

There is a possibility of fast transformation of PDF documents into a graphic file type such as JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG and many others. It is also possible the reverse – of these graphic documents to create PDF files. «On the fly» can translate into other languages using translators Translate It and ABBYY Lingvo and others.

Key features of PDF-XChange Viewer:

  1. the ability to display several document Windows with the tab persistence in each of them.
  2. marking text and graphic fragments.

    Программы для чтения и редактирования pdf файлов

  3. the ability to print at the selected location in a PDF page.
  4. the availability of annotations and comments to any file without a digital signature of the document.

PDF-XChange Viewer is distributed free of charge both for commercial purposes and for private use.

Nitro PDF

Nitro PDF – a wonderful tool for the generation, sharing, reviewing, and editing documents in PDF format. It is believed that this version could compete with the package Adobe Acrobat.

Программы для чтения и редактирования pdf файлов

Exceptional productivity apps Nitro PDF worthy of all praise. Also simple to the unique user interface that copies the style of the office application Microsoft Office 2010. You can view PDF files in various third-party applications: web browsers, email client Outlook, «conductors» of Windows operating systems.

Nitro Pro 7 gives you the ability to split the document into separate sections, which considerably simplifies the editing process. In the Arsenal of tools a powerful zoom the document up to 6500 percent of the original size.

Программы для чтения и редактирования pdf файлов

Worth it to stay on the protective mechanisms against unauthorized intrusion. Any information of a confidential nature is protected in preparation for printing or correction. Mechanism Quick Sign and the function of Digital Signature Profiles provide the program files handwritten or digital signatures.

Nitro Pro 7 designed as a version for 32 — and 64-bit systems and managed operating systems Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP.

Foxit Phantom

Designed for creating, editing and viewing PDF documents. Allows, makes possible the conversion to PDF format, all of the exception documents created in the formats DOC, PPT, TXT, HTML and many others. You can also create PDF documents directly from scanner.

Программы для чтения и редактирования pdf файлов

Features Of Foxit Phantom:

  1. convert multiple types of files to PDF document;
  2. the ability to connect to DB Windows operating systems;
  3. strict control of access;
  4. the ability to sign documents at the editing stage;
  5. underline and highlight the selected fragment;
  6. adding text to a PDF document.

Is free, works equally well with Windows

Program to edit PDF files online

Currently there are widely used programs of online service for working with PDF files. They also include those services that have listed in the article program.

The main difference is that these products do not require downloading to a hard disk of the computer, not take place. Besides all the updates of these software versions automatically without user influence.

Программы для чтения и редактирования pdf файлов

The types of online products for working with PDF documents:

  • PDF Creator;
  • PDF Reader.

A smaller number of functions embedded in the online version, in most cases, completely kompensiruet to their ease of use.

PDF Buddy

Some users believe that online application the best editor for PDF files. With its help you can quickly and easily fill in various forms, to add missing signatures in documents. Works equally well with different browsers, but better to give preference to Google Chrome, as it simplifies the process of translation into Russian language.

Программы для чтения и редактирования pdf файлов

A simple and intuitive interface makes editing almost fun.


PDFzen is an online PDF editor that helps you view and edit PDF files right in the web browser. Reads and understands the formats DOCX, XLS, XLX, ODT, DOC and RTF. The interface has a device that once loaded, these files will be reflected in the system PDF.

Программы для чтения и редактирования pdf файлов

PDFzen does not require registration, there is no need to work with it to create an account. Just enough to login and work.

The article gives a broad overview of the PDF digital technologies to create new and edit old documents and forms. Provides a detailed list of programs to work with files with an indication of their features and capabilities.

Also the characteristics of online products with which help it is possible quickly and successfully work with files of this format.

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