Program to add sites to the white list Modern version of IE10, which should work Flash

By | 10.12.2018

The program to add sites to the white list Modern version of IE10 to run Flash

Even now, when Windows RT still very young, we cannot say that the platform suffers from a serious shortage of programs, because many of the popular applications already got their Metro versions that anyone can download from the Windows Store. Overall, I think Microsoft is moving in the right direction. Although potential buyers of Windows RT devices, there is one caveat – Flash.

Technology from Adobe is one of the main reasons why in the Internet appeared the animation, and streaming content became popular. Most likely, Flash will die in the development of new technologies, but the fact remains – most of the entertainment on the Internet is simply not have happened if not for Flash.

Unlike Apple, which immediately abandoned Flash in its iOS platform, Microsoft has gone the other way and provided limited support for Flash in Metro/Modern UI version of the browser in Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8 and RT. Under limited support mean that you can view Flash content on certain websites/domains that are defined by a white list controlled by Microsoft and constantly updated in the background.

Previously we have published article on how to add any website to the white list. This process requires user manual intervention to your browser settings, so the craftsmen have created a simple tool, Windows RT Whitelist Flash Tool, which greatly simplifies the process of adding sites to the white list IE10 to support Flash on certain sites.

The application is a batch script that will allow you to add to the list any website, disable updates white list of sites (required if you want to save the changes that you yourself made the list) and return the default settings. Simply put, it is a very small and simple application will save you from the need to fiddle with the settings.

Management tool through the command prompt window, but I would not be surprised if in the future the app will have a UI.

Программа для добавления сайтов в белый список Modern-версии IE10, на которых должен работать Flash

How to add a site to the white list using Windows RT Whitelist Flash Tool:

1. Download the archive, unzip it and run the Windows RT Whitelist Flash Tool.bat

2. When the window opens the app, tap on the keyboard the number 3 and Enter then enter the address (without http:// and www) required website and press Enter. Then wait a while and press any key when prompted.

To return to the list of trusted sites in the default state, use the digit 2.

Download the Windows RT Whitelist Flash Tool

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