Process Killer — removal processes on the computer

By | 10.12.2018

Process Killer — removal processes on the computer

Process Killer – a program to forcibly terminate a hung process in Windows. Very small, quiet and powerful monster. Every self-respecting user of a personal computer just must have in the Arsenal of such a refined tool for easy and fast dealing with unstable applications. Instant shutdown of the process – skate program Process Killer.


The main program window pleasing minimalism and functionality. All necessary capabilities are available when working with only one window. At the top is an indicator of processor activity. The indicator is updated every 2 seconds, i.e. You look at the statistics in real time. Nearby are some system information about which You can read on the website of the author of the program. Describe I will not, because this information is not required to successfully use the program.

Just below is a row of function buttons. The button performs the shutdown process, which is chosen from the list below. Other buttons are: Information about the process, Start/restart shell (for Windows default Explorer.exe), Run the application «Run», Options, About.

The rest of the window is the list of running processes and sort processes are initially produced by the start time, i.e. at the top is always a process that is started last. This is one of the most important features of the program, thanks to which You will long to find the process that hangs and you want to kill.

The program startup Process Killer

After installing the program on your desktop will appear a shortcut to the program. Startup by pressing Ctrl + Shift + ~ (for reference: ~ (tilde), is under the Escape key (Esc)). But it should be noted that in the program options you can enable autostart of the program with the start of the OS. And the shortcut to the program You can find in the start menu.

Another interesting feature of the program is the absence of a warning of issues on the Windows system. The selected process by clicking on the treasured button silently and quickly destroyed, and You’re happy and continue to work on the computer. As a result, I can say that the Process Killer is synonymous with the term «program for terminating processes». She clearly and quickly to cope with their work. Rate the program, and You will not regret it.

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