Problems connecting to Wi-Fi iPhone 5s 4s

By | 10.12.2018

Problems connecting to wifi in iPhone 5s and 4s

Many users of these branded phones like iPhone 4s and 5s at least once had problems connecting to Wi-Fi networks. In this article we will try to deal with them and help You in this difficult situation.

Possible problems

So, what can be the problem when connecting to wireless networks? Your mobile device just does not see the Wi-Fi network, which You know for certain (for example, we are talking about Your own home network). Or when you connect the emboss some mistakes. It is also worth noting this option, when the signal level of wifi drops or disconnects itself from the Network. You might face a problem when, after seemingly held Internet connection you can’t access any website.

Проблемы с подключением к Wi-Fi в iPhone 5s и 4s

By the way, some users often complain that the auto does not work Wi-Fi after the update. Let’s deal with these problems together!

There are solutions

In any situation there are solutions! And here is the step by step instructions:

  1. make sure that currently You are in a place Wi-Fi access. Ask the waiter for a local cafe, does Wi-Fi;
  2. on the device go to Settings, then Wi-Fi. Turn off Wi-Fi then re-connect it. If You do not work and the Wi-Fi settings are still grayed out, then follow the instructions on;
  3. next you need to know, does your home router Wi-Fi indication that there is access to the Internet. Should burn all the lights. If you do not burn all the lights, then you should start setting up your router or if You don’t understand it or are not at home, contact Your ISP (the first case) or Network administrator (the second case);
  4. try to restart Your iPhone 4s or 5s;
  5. then, go to the device settings, go to Wi-Fi , then find the network that currently connected;

    Проблемы с подключением к Wi-Fi в iPhone 5s и 4s

  6. click on the «i» button and select «Forget network»;
  7. again try to connect to this network if you want to re-enter the password, it is necessary to do so;
  8. if this does not work, then you should try to reboot the router which transmits the Wi Fi, simply turn it off and turn it back on;
  9. if all steps do not help, try to reinstall the operating system, installing the latest version;
  10. the last solution to the problem could be flashing your router, again, to the latest version. If you have an AirPort base station, then the updates for it will need to search for using the program AirPort.

If you are unable to search the network should try the following:

  1. Better check there is network available for your device. To do this, go to settings and there to find a point of Wi-Fi. If the network does not appear immediately, you should wait for some time;
  2. go to the router handing out Wi-Fi closer, it is possible that the signal simply can not be detected by the device;
  3. You can also reset the network settings, the instructions are below.

Video: iPhone not connecting to Wi Fi

Input into the router?

If you want to configure your Wi-Fi router, which can be a solution to the problem, you should first go to its settings through the web interface. Of course, the list of various routers is very large and to paint, how to enter the settings each we. We describe only the General instructions for all routers:

  1. first open a browser page and enter one of the IP addresses (it may be or other);
  2. next you need to enter the username and password to log directly into the web interface.

    Проблемы с подключением к Wi-Fi в iPhone 5s и 4s

That’s it – You are in your router settings. Usually to the left there is a section of Wi-Fi or Wireless. Here are the network settings, including the password (key). Settings for each of the routers individually, You can find in another article of our site.

Company TP-Link, among other things, has created for this special program Tether. Work with the web interface for many users it may seem a very complex process, but here at work through a special Tether app for all iOS devices and Android to configure a router would not be particularly difficult, as it is simplified.


How to reset network settings:

  • First, we need to go to «Settings», where you must find the item «General» and choose reset;
  • The choice is confirmed with the line: «Reset network settings».

This way you will be able to completely reset all network settings, and it is:

  1. full list of Wi-Fi networks that you have previously worked, in this case, leaving, and stored passwords;
  2. also, will disappear and those with whom you worked via Bluetooth, and those with whom you made contact;
  3. VPN settings and APN settings will also be deleted.

If You want to reset the settings of Your iPhone that will be needed in case when You accidentally made a configuration of the new device, but wanted to move data from the old, You will have:

  • enter the menu «settings»;
  • from there go to General and go to Reset;

    Проблемы с подключением к Wi-Fi в iPhone 5s и 4s

  • select «Erase all content and settings». Note that this action will completely clear Your phone, so You should be sure that You have the backup copy.

Change country connection

Another reason why Your iPhone 4s won’t connect to Wi-Fi can be as follows:

  • your device was manufactured in the United States and intended for sale in the territory of the United States of America. After it was brought to Russia and just do not see any wireless networks on the territory of our country. Do not despair, because everything is fixable! By the way, in this case, if Your phone was brought to Russia by «accident», then You can freely connect to the Network, but in the process of work, without any justified reason, the connection may disappear for a short time;

    Проблемы с подключением к Wi-Fi в iPhone 5s и 4s

  • go to settings on Your router, go to Wireless (or wifi), and then change country to USA;
  • it’s very simple! Now Your iPhone can connect to your home Wi-Fi machine (if it does not contain the password, or You have at least once entered and saved thereby the Network).

Up and restoring data

If you don’t want to potrate your precious data, when you break your iPhone 4s or 5s, you should make backup files. For this there are special cervisiae iCloud services, and iTunes. So, it remains only to see how it performed and how to quickly and easily create copies of the data. If you use iCloud then everything is quite simple, just create backups in automatic mode, it is also suitable for all iOS devices.

To do this:

  • the first thing you need to do is turn backup;
  • go to settings of your device, then go to iCloud, find section «Storage & backup» and go there;

    Проблемы с подключением к Wi-Fi в iPhone 5s и 4s

  • there you will see option «Copy to iCloud». You need to make sure she was included, if you need to make copies automatically in this service;
  • after enabling this function, you need small: just press the button «create a copy»;

So what to do if You have lost your data and want to pull them from iCloud? Let’s say You bought a new iPhone and want to copy data from the old. Please follow all requirements of the original system configuration of Your iPhone. When You will be offered one of three options, including «Restore from iCloud backup», you should choose this option. From a list of all copies, choose you created, it will be seen by the title. There are some details that need to be considered when using iTunes:

  • if your iPhone has the latest OS version iosi you have made a backup copy of your data on a new device, you cannot restore them if they installed a version prior to this;
  • the first thing to clarify is the version of iTunes on Your computer, it should be pocetna;
  • then you need to connect your computer and the iPhone. Go to «File», then to «Devices», then just click the button «Create backup».

    Проблемы с подключением к Wi-Fi в iPhone 5s и 4s

Backup copies are created even when you are using sync between your computer and your device. In order for this to be definitive, you need to go into iTunes on Your computer, and go to the tab «Devices». And there already you will see your device name and there will be indicated the date and time of backup creation.

To recover data with iTunes, you only need to connect your iOS device to the computer where the backup is stored. Again you need to check the version of iTunes installed on Your computer. Go to «File, from the section «Devices» and click «Restore from backup». That’s all!

Проблемы с подключением к Wi-Fi в iPhone 5s и 4s

Why does iPhone not connect to Wi-Fi?

There are a number of reasons why the iPhone 5s won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

Here is their list:

  1. if the network is secure, make sure whether You enter the password;
  2. verify that the Network signal is strong enough. If the signal is weak and disappears periodically, it is possible that You are at maximum distance Wi-Fi;
  3. perhaps Your device was manufactured for sale in the United States. For this, you will need the router to change the country. How to do this, we wrote above.

Video: How to reset the TP-Link

It’s time to reboot the router

So, one of the reasons why stops connecting to the router Your iPhone. The problem of access to Wi-Fi from Your iPhone, you can solve it all in one push button on the router. Restart it, turn off from the network and turn on again. And all of a sudden? Each device may have its errors, and the router is no exception! However, if the same router is successfully connected other devices, the problem is hardly in it.

Reset and create a new password

What to do if You forgot the password of the Wi-Fi and can’t connect to it on Your iPhone? Constantly enter the wrong password from the Network?

It’s time to reboot the router

  • reset the password on the router and set a new;
  • go to any browser, type the IP address specified in the modem settings, enter Your username and password (they are specified in the settings);
  • navigate to Wi-Fi or Wireless, and click reset/create new password.

    Проблемы с подключением к Wi-Fi в iPhone 5s и 4s

I hope this article will fully tell You what could be the problem with Wi-Fi on the iPhone 4s and 5s, how to solve them, and how to backup the data and restore them in case of purchase of a new iOS device.

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