Printing documents and photos from computer to printer

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Print documents and photos from computer to printer

You want to print photos or text document? Of course, it is good to buy a printer and spend the connection to the computer. But this is not the finish line.

You must complete all settings, do not forget to install the driver for this printer, as well as additional programs for the correct operation of the device.

The combination of these actions will lead to the desired result – the ability to print. With these steps we begin to move towards the goal.

Connect the printer

Older models of printers require a lot of attention for their connection to the computer.

Required connecting to a special port, and wait until your operating system will perform. Now much simplified.

Печать документов и фото с компьютера на принтере

There are two ways:

  1. installing it as a network;
  2. or to print from your smartphone, tablet.

We will consider two basic types of connection:

  • locally
  • as a network

Печать документов и фото с компьютера на принтере

Initially, you need to install the driver.

Setting up local way, make sure the device is turned off, then connect to the computer, then turn on the power. Standard Plug and Play makes it easier — the operating system itself installs the required driver.

In the case when this technology is not supported, to install the driver it is necessary manually.

In the first version of Your actions:

  1. in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer of the computer to connect the device to the desired port;
  2. the printer’s power cord connect to the wall socket. The system finds the device Plug and Play, and installs it without problems;
  3. when you see the Wizard search for new hardware, verify that you chose the Automatic installation.

    Печать документов и фото с компьютера на принтере

    Then click Next and follow the instructions;

If Plug and Play is not supported, then your actions are:

  1. to connect the device to the correct port;
  2. in the socket insert the power cord of the printer and enable it;
  3. in the menu start, click Printers and faxes. To go to print Tasks, click add printer and Next. Start the add printer Wizard;
  4. choose Local printer, uncheck the box to Install Plug and Play printer and click Next;

    Печать документов и фото с компьютера на принтере

  5. the bulk of the computers to send data using parallel port LP 1. In this case, select it and press Next;
  6. follow the instructions that will appear on the screen.

When the installation is complete, the folder Printers and faxes icon will appear.

To use network type:

  1. running the setup Wizard, select Network printer;

    Печать документов и фото с компьютера на принтере

  2. specify Your list connected;
  3. select the model and manufacturer of your printer;

    Печать документов и фото с компьютера на принтере

  4. select an arbitrary name so that network users can have access to it.

Note: the Print device can be assigned by default. Then all the documents will be automatically sent to the device.

Driver installation

To install the driver, make sure the hardware is connected.

Then follow these steps:

  1. in the menu start, choose setting, then Printers. You will see the settings window;

    Печать документов и фото с компьютера на принтере

  2. run the installation Wizard;
  3. then select Local;
  4. then select the print equipment.

If Your device is dropped in the list, then when you install, run the driver from the operating system. It’s not always good, as many features are not available. In this case it is better to choose the install from disk.

  1. the port selected. Usually it is LPT, although some printers use the COM port;

    Печать документов и фото с компьютера на принтере

  2. the following paragraph — name;
  3. more will need to print a test page, and the installation will continue.

The driver over.

Printer setup

To configure or change the default settings you need:

  1. to bring the mouse pointer to the lower right corner of the screen, then up and click Search;
  2. in this field, enter devices and printers, then click on it;
  3. the equipment that will use, right click mouse, then select make default.

Печать документов и фото с компьютера на принтере

Using a laptop, mobile device or tablet, you can make settings for each network. The operating system to remember these settings.

You can also choose different default models in different networks:

  1. as in the previous case, click Search;
  2. similarly, clicking Devices and printers;
  3. select a model and click on manage the printer by default;

    Печать документов и фото с компьютера на принтере

  4. choose: to Change the printer;
  5. in the tab select the network to indicate that the desired settings;
  6. in the tab Select the printer default for this network, then click Add;
  7. when the device is set for each network by default, click OK.

Note! If you want the settings have not been changed when moving from one place to another, follow steps 1-3, and select Always use the same default printer. Then click OK.

The main parameters of the printer

Before you purchase the printer, you should familiarize yourself with the parameters that affect its performance:Печать документов и фото с компьютера на принтере

  1. today the most popular two groups: laser and inkjet;
  2. print speed is determined by the number of pages printed in one minute. Color and black and white at speeds can vary;
  3. monthly usage is measured in thousands of pages. For office equipment, where to print a lot, this is a particularly important criterion;
  4. resolution;
  5. the amount of memory buffer greatly affects the speed;
  6. the number and size of trays, feed paper;
  7. the types of materials besides plain paper, suitable for display: label, film, etc.;
  8. variety of interfaces: USB 2.0, PictBridge or wireless: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet;

    Печать документов и фото с компьютера на принтере

  9. special attention is paid to ink. For example, for inkjet cartridges, there are:
  • containing dye;
  • pigment;
  • quick-drying.

All have been good. But the ink with the dye, for example, there is a drawback – there is a possibility of spreading and short-lived brightness of the color. Pigment ink is more durable, however, also has negative — clog cartridges that soon leads them into disrepair.

The most important thing – each cartridge to refill your ink for him, otherwise, problems with them cannot be avoided.

Video: typing on the computer

Print text

Consider how to print text from the computer to the printerusing the print options.

The first thing you need to do is select the text or part of it and copy from any document or web page.

Next is to highlight it. Then find the menu File and click Print;

In the case of printing parts of the text – check the selection.

If You print a Word document (e.g. Word 2007) first, check readability, grammar and spelling errors.

In the menu File , click preview (if possible), then Print.

Печать документов и фото с компьютера на принтере

In the opened window select the necessary parameters:

  • page numbers – select those that you want to print (the selection, current page);
  • number of copies — how many copies to print;

    Печать документов и фото с компьютера на принтере

  • enable – select: — all pages
  1. even
  2. odd;
  • scale – you can specify how many pages per sheet to place, and, all pictures, diagrams also massturbate;
  • fit to page – specify the page format;
  • the Effects tab allows you to specify a background image;
  • tab Paper/quality setting print quality, and paper size. This saves ink;
  • tab Final processing – you can specify how many pages per sheet You want to obtain and set the text orientation.

In General, there is nothing difficult.

Black and white

You probably know about the two modes: color and black-and-white.

To set the second should be:

  1. go to the menu Filethen Print;
  2. window Printing click Properties;

    Печать документов и фото с компьютера на принтере

  3. a window opens to the properties;
  4. choose Black and white printing;
  5. click OKto confirm the changes.

So, current document will be printed in black and white.

Color printing

Going to the window color Management, You will see that you can view, change the values used print color by default.

Печать документов и фото с компьютера на принтере

  1. click on the device Center, go to color Settings, then color Management. Here you can choose the default settings;
  2. if you want more advanced options – click Professional settings;
  3. window appears Advanced editing. Go to the option, which displays the desired print option. Then click on the desired option, then OK.

How to print photos from the computer to the printer

If you want to print pictures, photos, tostes can be useful paper.

To print an image:

  1. double click the image;
  2. press Print on the Toolbar;
  3. window Print images set the parameters:

    Печать документов и фото с компьютера на принтере

  • Printer
  • Print quality
  • Paper size
  • The number of copies
  • Style print;
  1. to finish, click Print.

It is possible to print several images on one page. To do this:

  1. hold Ctrl and click the desired image;
  2. open the context menu of any of these images, click Print;
  3. in the window print the image , specify the size and how many copies you want to receive;
  4. run the preview of the received images;
  5. click Print.

Having considered the ways to print from computer to printer, You made sure that nothing complicated. All transactions are available, understandable and even somewhat similar. Just read carefully before you set your preferences.

In addition, You can try any of them and choose the best option for each file type. Try! There is no limit to perfection!

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