Prevention of computer

By | 10.12.2018

Prevention of computer

After several years of operation of the computer, You may notice some strange technical problems such as computer crashes, spontaneous shutdown of the computer or very little performance.

Of course, you can immediately assume that You have a virus, but the cause may not be in it. As it turned out, most of the technical problems faced by users due to poor maintenance of the computer.

Also like a car, a computer needs regular maintenance.

Prevention of the internal components of the system unit:

1. Turn off the computer.

2. Unplug all peripherals (mouse, keyboard, power cable, monitor cable, etc.) from the system unit.

3. Using a screwdriver, Unscrew the screws holding the side cover of the system unit.

4. Remove the cover to access components inside the computer.

5. Using a vacuum cleaner, blow out all the accumulated dust from all components of the system unit (motherboard, graphics card, hard drive, CD, fans, floppy drive, power supply, etc.).

6. Check whether the fans are spinning (CPU, video card, system unit, power supply unit). If one of them turns bad or not spinning, then it should be replaced.

If it’s the CPU fan or the graphics card, before install the new fan, change the thermal grease (a thick mixture between the heat sink and microprocessor).

Prevention keyboard:

1. Use a soft brush for cleaning dust, dirt, crumbs and other substances.

2. Wipe the keyboard with a soft cloth impregnated with liquid glass cleaner (or any other fluid).

3. After cleaning the keyboard, keeping her hands down down, shake the keyboard to get rid of the debris between the keys.

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