Press conference of Microsoft at E3 2014

By | 10.12.2018

Press conference of Microsoft at E3 2014

At a ratio of 7:5 (million consoles sold) in favor of Sony this year at E3 Microsoft definitely had something to prove. And judging by the presentation of the company, everything in the Xbox One camp were quite aware of this fact.

Shows the announcements was strong, as it was expected, timely and much needed to divert attention from last year’s fiasco, when to the great disappointment for all fans of Xbox, the company has positioned its new console as a multimedia and entertainment system.

This year Phil Spencer left no room for doubt as to the future direction in which to develop the platform. «All for the games!» That is why the leitmotif of the press conference Microsoft could easily be shortened to «Game, game and again game».

No one said a word about services, connectivity, voice control and gestures, the television content and other third-party themes, distracting from the most important and fundamental – first of all the Xbox One gaming system, and then everything else.

Of course, it all started with Halo. In the end, the fans know on the Xbox it starts and ends with Halo.

The fifth part of the cult Saga is more than enough to kindle the imagination of a huge audience of Xbox. In the hands of 343 Industries, brilliantly coped with the previous part of Halo, the game would Shine even more bright light and of course the new Halo is just one of the good reasons to purchase Xbox One in the upcoming 2015 year.

In order not to lose the momentum, Microsoft hastened to continue with the old kind, but the unfading beauty of Forza Horizon. On the new platform Forza Horizon 2 looks really impressive: fantastic next-gen vision, dynamic change of day and night, dramatic atmospheric effects, and, of course, the new model Lamborghini.

Immediately after that, appeared on the scene Peter Molyneux from Lionhead Studios to show what becomes of dreams with their new cooperative multiplayer adventure Fable Legends. The game looks quite colorful and interesting, mixing the motives of the unique world of Albion, with elements in which many old-school gamers will not be able to recognize such classics as Dungeon Keeper.

A big surprise was the announcement of a new game from wizards of the Japanese Platinum Games – the Studio behind cult Vanquish and Bayonetta. A short trailer is difficult to judge the gameplay Scalebound character, except that we are talking about mixed with equal doses of Devil May Cry and Panzer Dragoon, and exclusive to Xbox One.

Of course, besides all this was quite expected announcements: a special new game content for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Tom Clancy’s: The Division and Dragon Age: Inquisition; another edition of the series, Dance Central using Kinect; a new look at the gorgeous Project Spark and super pleasant surprise, hinting at the emergence of the legendary hero Conker.

Also to the category of highly anticipated announcements can also be regarded as showcased a demo of the new co-op Assassin’s Creed: Unity (by the way, is quite cruel and bloody an excerpt from the game, perfectly conveyed the spirit and atmosphere of the era of the French revolution), as well as the generous promise of a new portion of exciting adventure under the Tomb Raider brand.

At the end was shown two more expected, but very entertaining games – Sunset Overdrive and Crackdown, demonstrating the great potential for entertainment.

Microsoft did not fail to boast of its special programme to support so-called independent (indie) development environments. In a short but very informative trailer unit ID@Xbox showed a bright and diverse palette of low-budget games with huge potential.

In the end, the press conference of Microsoft was marked by predictability, security, logical and anticipated moves, but given the mentioned in the beginning of the ratio (7:5), it was more than expected. The company has definitely outlived its ability to make quick and hasty steps, and now fully aware that with fierce competition in the gaming sector, one or two wrong decisions can put a new Xbox One to the bottom, where it will not be able to rise for the entire life cycle of the current generation gaming consoles.

So, yeah, Microsoft stressed that at the moment she intends to play «in security», relying mainly on well-established franchise with a stable audience and popular genres, with a handful of colorful, vivid indie projects for diversity and splendor.

In all this, of course, there is nothing wrong. On the contrary, right after a small deviation from the course last year, Microsoft returns to its roots, the reason for the existence of the Xbox – to games. In the end, it’s always nice when the Corporation that rank so obviously shows its ability to listen to the wishes of their potential target audience and to respond so readily to its needs.

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