Presentation of the Apple of the eyes of the user Microsoft

By | 11.12.2018

Apple eyes Microsoft user

Презентация Apple глазами пользователя Microsoft

Last night held another the September presentation Apple. I’m sure many of you watched it, because «magic Apple» attracts including users of the mill Microsoft or Google. I also did not remain aloof from this great event and now I want to praise Apple for its achievements, of course, not without irony.

The first news which appeared a few days before the presentation, was associated with the stream. The first presentation was to the Apple watch with — drum roll — the built in Windows browser (in particular, we are talking about Microsoft Edge Windows 10). So far Apple has never supported the browsers that are compatible with Windows, forcing users to go to some tricks to monitor what is happening on the Apple Keynote. For their broadcasts, Apple uses HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) is enabled in Safari, QuickTime, and iOS, and Microsoft Edge is the only browser (except Safari), which is fully compatible with it. Congratulations, Microsoft!

By the way, thanks to the features of the new browser have fun.

Презентация Apple глазами пользователя Microsoft

20:20 Tim cook introduced something innovative product, unique on the market: Surface Pro 3 Apple iPad Pro (innovation even in the name). The company calls it «the biggest news for the iPad since the advent of the iPad» (and who comes up with these slogans?). This is an iOS device with a 12.9-inch display, Apple A9X processor (1.8 times faster than the previous A8), 10 hours of battery life and the ability to connect the keyboard. Overall, says Apple tablet is faster than 80% of the PC (probably refers to computers with Windows 98 SE on Board).

Презентация Apple глазами пользователя Microsoft

By the way, my first Surface Pro with Windows 8, Microsoft revealed back in 2012. It was the result of experiments that began in the days of Windows 7. A device with the features of the tablet and capabilities of a full PC was equipped with various versions of Intel Core processor, 4-8 GB of RAM and Full HD display. Being rather experimental, it has not been appreciated, but has reached perfection — or nearly reached — in later versions (as evidenced by the sales figures of the current Surface Pro 3).

One of the first accessories introduced yesterday received the name Smart Keyboard. It is a kind of cover with the keyboard for $ 169, which connects to the iPad Pro with a magnetic connector.

Sounds very familiar:

As another previously unseen accessory on the planet Earth, Apple announced Pencil is an innovative pen that is also designed for the new tablet. Accuracy guaranteed new technology is able to recognize pressure and pen tilt.

Презентация Apple глазами пользователя Microsoft

Wait, but isn’t Apple a few years ago proclaimed the futility of the stylus on the touch devices? «Who nafig need this stylus?», then he asked from the stage, Steve jobs. In 2015, the stylus pen is needed by all.

Презентация Apple глазами пользователя Microsoft

Apple Pencil will not come bundled with the iPad Pro. This magic pen will be sold separately for a modest $ 99.

the iPad Pro was introduced as a device to improve our productivity, but to demonstrate this, Apple has enlisted the support of software products from Microsoft, but not my iWork. The stage was even invited an employee from Redmond, which showed that the iPad Pro is quite good for serious work if it is installed Office.

Презентация Apple глазами пользователя Microsoft

Special mention deserves the new Snap View (or Split Screen) in iOS 9. Thanks to it you can use two apps at the same time. Well Done, Apple! Predict that next year Tim cook will announce the opportunity to work directly with four applications and everyone in the room will loudly applaud this.

Us, Windows users can only envy and hope that this functionality will get to us. Maybe even more than two Windows if possible, of course.

Презентация Apple глазами пользователя Microsoft

The topic of iPad Pro, it is appropriate to conclude with a cartoon from three years ago, whose author predicted today’s scenario:

Презентация Apple глазами пользователя Microsoft

Yesterday evening the updates got even Apple TV. Presentation of its features was frankly very boring, and a little of what I remember, it’s completely redesigned interface and the new remote control with touch-sensitive surface with which you can even play games. In General, the Xbox One days are numbered.

Презентация Apple глазами пользователя Microsoft

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the new generation of Apple TV supports Siri. Just say «Hey, Cortana» «Hey, Siri» and she’s in the same moment will be ready to help you. There is no limit to creative Apple…

The last presented yesterday the product was the iPhone 6s. The new iPhone is the same externally, but in the case of superior aluminium alloy and has a display with 3D Touch technology (this is not what Microsoft is developing, though the name is the same), which among other things allows you to open the context menu (another innovation).

Презентация Apple глазами пользователя Microsoft

Thanks to 3D Touch on a mobile device Apple has introduced a variety of interesting opportunities for interaction with the interface elements, depending on the pressure force on the screen. Forgetting the sarcasm and irony, I would say that this is probably the only real gem of yesterday’s events.

We are in 2015: Microsoft has tried (and I think it succeeded) to create a single operating system — Windows 10 — which could work on all devices. Apple instead chose to implement, not two, not three, but four operating systems: OS X, iOS, WatchOS and tvOS. In Redmond have demonstrated their ability to innovate in hardware, and this is acknowledged even by Apple, which, obviously, creating your own iPad Pro was inspired by the tablet from Microsoft. The confrontation between the two giants continues…

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