Search in shorts or what the «shorts»

By | 07.04.2016

Search in shorts or what the «shorts»

There are many webmasters terms that for the most part taken from several sources. First, Anglicisms all sorts, especially loved SEO acronyms and abbreviations, like the proverbial the SERP , the latter borrowed from the research terms. As a rule, every unknown word is Russian, and quite sane name, but web masters are not interested in, so you can understand them, because the client understands the specifics of the work can promote the site itself, in extreme cases, relying on some platforms seopulta like and similar systems. That is progress, as such, does not require special knowledge and skills needed in a minimum volume of own writing skills, to know that WORD and agent check error, and that the text should be a few key words. Well, to be able to read, because reading a couple of articles you will understand yourself around. You do not have to be a genius to promote the site on any request. Another thing is that there is competition, but again, seo specialist you do not need, as in most cases, buying links for competitive queries. And yet. You need to master the art of using electronic money and everything — you optimizer.

So, one of the terms is «Shortcut» or «koldunschik». Names in this phenomenon a few.
— Yahoo to some researchers call them «shortcuts» (shortcuts)

— Google — one-box’ami
— Yandex — «koldunschikami»
— the Bing — quick answer (instant answers).

All these words mean that a piece of information that appears above the search results. We need these «shorts» in order that the user can get a short answer to your question. This may be the actual information (currency exchange rate, weather, address), or a useful reference, but as a rule, each search engine gives its own services on a given topic.

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