Why you do not need to shut down your computer?

By | 27.04.2016

In the morning and in the evening, many of us are used to start and shut down the computer. At this it spent a lot of time. At the same time we do not turn off the cell phone when the talk on it, and just translate it into standby mode, turning off the display, and, if necessary, immediately restoring his work with one button. Similarly, you can do with a computer, giving up daily on and off.

Instead, you can simply power off the computer in sleep or hibernation mode, which will significantly reduce the time of his awakening, you spend waiting and running applications every day. When you use the sleep operating system saves the state of the system in RAM and switches to low-power mode. When hibernation state of the system is saved on the disk, and the computer is switched off completely. Return the system to a working state when it is fast enough. There is also a hybrid mode in which the system is saved on the disk, and the computer then goes into low power mode.

1. What are the advantages?

Do not wait
When fully off and turn on the computer spent more time than the transition to the sleep / gebernatsii and recovery mode from it. For example, the computer may switch from one take up to 10-15 minutes (depending on the number of programs and the startup speed of your computer). When you restore your computer from sleep mode, it takes only 5 to 20 seconds!

Do not close the work programs
When using the Sleep / Hibernate do not need to cover the operational programs because when you restore all your applications will run and be in exactly the same condition as when you left them at the time of switching to the sleep / hibernation.
In a simple turn off you will need to complete all the programs and then open them again when you turn on, which also takes time and effort.

Process Automation
By using sleep mode can be part of the automated processes to transfer to night. For example, through a task scheduler to assign the creation of backups, disk defragmentation and several other important operations that take a lot of time. Thus, you will spend waiting for the completion of such operations a second of his time, because they will be made when you are resting.

This automation is possible, if the settings of the power supply is enabled, «Allow wake timers.» Also for automatic processes can be useful to set the timer go to sleep. This can be done in the same window settings specified in paragraph «Sleep after» the desired value.

2. How to activate sleep mode and hibernate?

For laptop

In the case of a laptop the best solution is to use the sleep mode is activated when you close the lid. The notebook is equipped with a battery, and its consumption is very small. Because the frequent use of it will be most convenient. In this case you will get almost instant recovery system after opening the lid, allowing you to get started right away.

In that case, if you are planning for a long time to refuse to work with a laptop, you can put it into Hibernate mode, and then he does not consume energy.
If the laptop battery power is critical, and it is in sleep mode, the system automatically translate it into hibernation mode and shut off power completely.

Your data will not be affected. After switching on all restored in the form in which you left the computer one last time.

To activate sleep mode when you close the lid, go to «Control Panel» — «Power» and the right-hand sidebar, click «Actions when the lid is closed» and select the desired value.

3. For a desktop computer
to a desktop computer that does not have a battery, you can also use the sleep mode, but in this case it is necessary to keep it permanently connected to the network. You can also use hibernation or hybrid mode.

When using the hybrid mode the computer will be restored very quickly and you can start working almost immediately after pressing the power button (or you can configure the computer switched on by pressing any key on the keyboard or mouse that is also convenient). In the case of power outages in the hybrid mode, turn off the computer’s power, but the system state data remains on the disk and the next time everything will be restored.

To activate sleep mode when you press the power button on the system unit, go to «Control Panel» — «Power» and the right-hand sidebar, click «Actions Power Button» and select the desired value.

To enable the hybrid sleep, click «Control Panel» — «Power». Around the active item, click on the link «Change plan settings». Then click the link «Change advanced power settings.» In the window that appears in the tree, select the «Dream» and in it an element of the «Allow hybrid sleep». After saving the done modifications hybrid mode will be automatically activated when you activate the sleep mode.

4. Conclusion
The use of sleep mode and hibernation while using the computer allows you to save a considerable amount of time and start working almost immediately after opening the lid or pressing the power button on a desktop computer. There is no need to run every time the work program — after recovery from sleep / hibernation all working applications are automatically restored. Turn off or restart the computer, so you can only in extreme cases, when a restart is required after installation or update any software.

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