Photos Microsoft Lumia 850

By | 10.12.2018

Photos Microsoft Lumia 850

Фотографии Microsoft Lumia 850

This is not the first time we can take a look at a new smartphone, but unlike previously leaked images, new photos of Microsoft Lumia 850 allow us to see it in more detail.

New photos confirm the version with Golden color metallic frame (like the Lumia 830 Limited Edition). In addition to the removable battery clearly shows the presence of a microSD slot and two slots for SIM-cards. The upper center is a USB port, and place the headphone Jack found at the bottom of the smartphone. In addition, according to some reports, on the front of the Lumia 850 is a sensor to scan the iris (Hello Windows).

Unfortunately, none of this will help to understand the real situation with this smartphone. On the one hand, an authoritative claim that Lumia 650 will be the last, and the rest of the upcoming model — Lumia Lumia 750 and 850 — have been cancelled. On the other hand, the network continues to leak codenames of the new models, some of which were even certified in China.

Assuming that neither one nor the other information is false, then it is possible that the company did not stop developing new smartphones, and just decided to release them under a different brand, instead of the Lumia. More specifically, the Surface brand Phone could include one older model, and a range of products.

Фотографии Microsoft Lumia 850Фотографии Microsoft Lumia 850Фотографии Microsoft Lumia 850Фотографии Microsoft Lumia 850Фотографии Microsoft Lumia 850

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