Petcube for Pets opens in Russia

By | 10.12.2018

Petcube pet comes out in Russia

In our country, will soon start selling Petcube camera, which allows the owner to remotely monitor, play and talk with their Pets.

Petcube allows for a distance to interact with the animal, leaving it at home. The apparatus consists of a metal cube hidden laser pointer, wide angle camera, speaker and microphone. Through the mobile app people can share photos of their own animals and to see other broadcasts from other cameras, to which they have access.

Petcube для домашних питомцев выходит в России


Campaign Finance Petcube was one of the most successful on the Kickstarter platform. After the arrival of the device on the market in 2014 year, the 1st batch of devices sold within 20 days.

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