Patch panel: classification, advantages and features patch panel

By | 10.12.2018

Patch panel: benefits and classification of patch panels

Patch panel (patch panel) is an element of passive equipment designed for operative connection between the working sections of the network and network equipment open type, also using the patch panel you can easily organize cable management. This fixture has replaced the classic terminals.

Патч-панели: классификация, преимущества и особенности patch panel

Features patch panel

The feature of the switching device is that the outer side is placed, are marked in accordance with standard connectors or ports used to connect the patch cord, and on the other hand derived their contacts or connectors of the IDC type. In the manufacture of the patch panel, cables must be filled by pressing each conductor between the contacts, wherein removal of the insulating layer takes place directly only at the point of contact that ensures high reliability and protection from oxidation of the contacts. The number of ports that are built into patch panel rj 45 differs depending on the model.

The main advantages of patch panel

The advantages possessed by patch panel rj 45 are:

  • the possibility of providing rapid cross-switching;
  • easy Assembly and works on demontazu;
  • versatility;
  • the use of digital and colour marking facilitates the work with the scheme and makes it intuitive.

Патч-панели: классификация, преимущества и особенности patch panel

Embodiments of patch panels and methods of installation

There are fiber-optic, multimedia, and fixed copper model a patch panels that allows the staffing of Reiki any module, thus increasing its functionality.

Installation is made by means of tools: scissors, cutters, screeds and percussion device. Attach the panel normally to the rack, on wall or convenient for the installation of the linings. In patch panels 19” used to service a network of computers that use four-pair cable that is labeled with special markers, made of plastic, and there are cable organizers, together they streamline the system cables and easier to work with.

Typically, the mounting patch panels are manufactured in specialized telecommunication cabinets wall-mounted or floor type, these cabinets will not only protect the network equipment from mechanical damage and environmental influence, but also perform an aesthetic role.

About the properties, advantages and structural features of cabinets, see our video:

The classification of patch panels

Patch panels, they are the same patch panel, have broad classification number, but to merge into groups and distribute them according to types and additional options, for example, patch panels are divided by type of port, terminal height. The port type can be of several types, the most common is optical and coaxial. The number of ports can vary from 4 to 96, in the same classification, the patch panel may differ by the presence of screen, the density of the patch cord and method of installation. Also panels are patterned and solid. These options and features allow you to choose the type of patch panel.

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