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By | 10.12.2018

Free password managers

In our progressive age man is surrounded by various devices. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, all this is very firmly entrenched in everyday life. Accordingly, increasing the number of network resources which are visited by man. Many of them require registration, and in the end, the modern Internet user has dozens of usernames and passwords, which are impossible to forget and as a result need to be stored somewhere. Of course, it is allowed just to write down all information on paper, but it is not always convenient, but storing on your computer text files with such important information like usernames and passwords corny unacceptable from the point of view of security.

Therefore, it was necessary to develop software for the storage of such personal data. It started with this story of the so-called «password managers». Today, the market represented a large number of products from eminent manufacturers of the software but the main drawback of such designs is their high price. In this article I would like to consider the free password managers:

  • Dashlane – best password Manager on the software market. Despite the fact that the product appeared on the market relatively recently, in such a short time he was able to gain huge popularity thanks to the convenient interface. To call this program would not be entirely true, the fact that the annual licence for one user will cost forty dollars, but there is a free version for one user. It is noteworthy that the free version does not deprive the user in terms of functionality.
  • KeePass is Quite functional, and most importantly totally free application with AES-256 encryption, which increases resistance to attacks and distinguish the product among the free programs. The most significant drawback of this Manager is frankly outdated appearance.
  • iCloud Keychain – a program designed specifically for users of Apple devices, has pretty good features and is absolutely free for users.
  • LastPass is very attractive to ordinary users of the program, with some good qualities, great for saving information about Bank cards and accounts. The Manager is supported on any platform and if used on a single device is absolutely free.
  • Master Password – this program is slightly non-standard algorithm for password storage, it does not provide for encrypted safe. The essence of her work is to combine the username, address of the resource and the master password, which binds all devices.

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