P Android: functions, interface design, release date

By | 10.12.2018

Android P: functions, interface design, release date

The developers of the American Corporation, Google have been creating a new version of the operating system, which has the code name Android P. currently, she is subjected to testing on mobile devices the model number of the Pixel 2. Despite occasionally occurring leakage of information about the upcoming OS, owners of a popular search service is not wish to disclose official information concerning the functionality of the following Android.

What new opportunities will have the OS?

For this reason professional users to Express their opinion, though in the fall of 2017 yet no reliable data:

  1. SystemUITuner first appeared in beta releases eighth Android. To use it, the owner of the smartphone was to access the special settings section, managing the appearance of the interface. It contained the tools to change the color palette and committing similar actions. But customization opportunities final version of the OS was reduced to the control status. For the autumn season 2018, Google modifies the SystemUITuner functionality by adding tools to customize the look of the interface.
  2. Quick update first appeared in mobile OS Android Oreo, which received a modular structure components. According to the developers of such a solution should reduce the time spent on developing updates to specific modules. Perhaps for 2017, the programmers of Google will improve this feature of the ninth Android. Then there will be the opportunity for periodic updating individual modules without creating next versions of the system.
  3. Face detection first appeared on tablets and smartphones developed by Apple Corporation. Wanting to catch up with its rival in this area, the owners of the popular search engine plans to develop an extraordinary tool unlock. This decision is due to the fact that in the process of placing a fingerprint scanner under the display unforeseen difficulties.
  4. Processing videos will be much easier after improvement of the software, monitor the operation of the photographic system. Perhaps the introduction of Android 9.0 artificial intelligence will help to automate the execution of some actions.
  5. Local storage of information will be combined with copying files to cloud servers. This technology today are mobile devices from Apple and Microsoft. For example, application-created Camera videos and photographic images instantly move to the cloud, freeing up internal memory of your smartphone or tablet.

Android P: функции, оформление интерфейса, дата выхода

The design of the interface

The current appearance of the user interface system of Android in 2014. For four years he had not changed, but now the owners of the American Corporation Google has completely redesigned the design of the controls of the OS. But leading manufacturers of mobile technology still use the flat design of the apps, so you must wait for the first publication of information showing the desire of the developers to update the design.

Release date

May 2018 will mark the official opening of the conference called Google I/O. In the course of her visitors learn quite detailed information about the capabilities of the new Android. During the summer season, the American company will release several beta versions of Android P full release of which will take place in August or September 2018. But pre-planned by the developers schedule is subject to change, and in the summer of 2018, you may receive system Android 8.1.

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