Options for installing Google your default search engine in Mozilla Firefox

By | 10.12.2018

Mounting options Google the default search engine in Mozilla Firefox

Everyone likes something different. All use different browsers and prefer their own settings. The imposition of search options by default, software developers don’t like to many users.

However, we have to use what is given, not to refuse from your favorite browser.

Fortunately, each program allows you to change search settings. After reading the article, you will learn how to do it, and then be able to use the system that suits you best.

The problem also occurs when you install many games and applications installer, which is designed for negligence of the user. Hundreds of programs installed plug-ins different systems and embed them in your browser, thus changing the search engine.

That gives us the Google search

Google’s search engine does not contain anything extra, unlike its rival, where applications and functionality too much. This search engine is not limited by the Russian-speaking population and may be able to find information anywhere in the world in any language.

Варианты установки Google поиском по умолчанию в Mozilla Firefox

The search function in Google is very convenient and allows you to specify various criteria, such as:

  1. region;
  2. date of publication;
  3. the resource on which to find information;
  4. criteria for exclusion words from the search phrases or, Vice versa, the growing influence of the words in the sentence;
  5. the ability to display information by key words in the description of the video files, pictures, locations and maps, as well as in libraries and add-ons.

Варианты установки Google поиском по умолчанию в Mozilla Firefox

In addition, the functionality of the search engine provides instant translation of web pages in hundreds of languages. And you can always choose the one that you are most comfortable. If your request is different from the system language and location that you specify or a system-defined, Google will offer the translation of the phrase.

To control the search, you can use the microphone or on-screen keyboard, which is very convenient when using the touch screens or additional media devices like TVs or game consoles.

Video: Google start page

Made with

Due to the high speed operation and high-quality selection of pages found, as well as built-in resources check for viruses and malicious code, users like the search engine from Google. The most common question: is it possible to make Google your default search engine in Mozilla Firefox, because this browser is very popular.

The search string

Unlike many other browsers, Firefox includes a handy string to search for. To date, every program for surfing the Internet allows you to do this directly from the address bar, and many put its necessity questioned.

Варианты установки Google поиском по умолчанию в Mozilla Firefox

In this line there is a choice of the required search engine from the list, which includes the most well-known and popular. In addition, it is possible to find the item in one of the big box stores. And yet, if you want to add special system, you can use the «Manage search plugins» and add necessary or remove unnecessary.

Usually, Google is involved in this list by default and you can select it. However, failure or installation of add-ons can affect its composition. To return to favorite search engine in place, it is necessary to manage search plugins, click the «Restore default set».

Варианты установки Google поиском по умолчанию в Mozilla Firefox

Editor Firefox

Firefox allows you to edit the level settings of the system administrator with the command: «about:config». It must be entered in the address bar to display a list of commands to control the hidden options of your browser.

Because this mode allows you to change critical for the program settings, you need to confirm your intention and caution of action.

Next, to change the default settings, you must perform the following steps:

  • after typing the command «about:config» in the «smart» address bar displays a list of all available commands with the ability to filter by name;
  • in the Filter box, you should specify the following setting «browser.search.defaultenginename» (without the quotes);
  • window appears change the value for the entered parameter, you need to type: «Google»;

    Варианты установки Google поиском по умолчанию в Mozilla Firefox

  • this operation should be performed for the following variables, changing the value to the desired: «browser.search.selectedengine»;
  • the variable «keyword.URL» should also be changed if the parameter is different from «http://www.google.ru/search?hl=ru&q=»;
  • in any case, it is recommended to restart the browser to apply the settings.

Perform exactly, all the value changes the default Google.

Button to Open menu

Set the desired settings for the default search via the button «Open menu» in the upper left corner in the form of three stripes.

Варианты установки Google поиском по умолчанию в Mozilla Firefox

Here can be approached from two sides:

  1. in the opened window select «Settings» and go to change the settings of»Search»where you can choose the system default and enable/disable the unnecessary plug-ins or add by downloading from the Internet;

    Варианты установки Google поиском по умолчанию в Mozilla Firefox

  2. click «Edit» and selecting «Show/hide toolbars» enable use of a menu;

    Варианты установки Google поиском по умолчанию в Mozilla Firefox

  3. you can now go to the tab «Tools» and select «Settings», which opens a window similar to that described in paragraph 1.

The Tools

Another way to change the settings of the default search is to use browser settings. This standard method was used in older versions when the address bar was still not «smart».

Варианты установки Google поиском по умолчанию в Mozilla Firefox

To perform this operation, you must perform the following steps:

  1. to call the menu bar in the Firefox browser. To do this, you must click «Alt» on the keyboard;
  2. select «Tools» in the drop down list «Settings»;
  3. in control panel go to setup «Search»;
  4. the functionality allows you to enable or disable system of the search string, choose one of them the default or restore settings to return to the initial list.

Video: the default browser

If browser from Yandex

The Internet is widely circulated version of the Firefox browser from Yandex. It is specially created and adapted yandex.ru program. It’s loaded with built-in plugins, system functions and corresponding search.

Варианты установки Google поиском по умолчанию в Mozilla Firefox

Unfortunately, in this version none of the options work. According to the developers, this is done for security change search engine without your knowledge. Whatever you do with the default search in that browser, it will still be a Yandex.

Use the Firefox browser, rather a clean version from Mozilla. Pick and choose which plugins to install and what search engines to use. If some program to change the settings, now you can easily return to your favorite search engine.

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