Options for cleaning the notebook from dust in the home

By | 10.12.2018

Options cleaning the notebook from dust at home

The laptop should be clean of dirt. Many experts say that to do this operation is in the service center, but by following the simple tips and instructions that you can easily and safely clean even the most sophisticated computer with their hands.

How often to clean

There are 2 basic approaches to cleaning. Superficial and deep. In the first case you need a little patience, a set of special tools (brush, microfiber cloth and a special solution). In the second case to all the above is added the accuracy, precision movement and extreme attentiveness.

Варианты очистки ноутбук от пыли в домашних условиях

Too often clean the laptop from dust is not necessary. The frequency of cleaning of the device depends on the situation and configuration. If the device is in a dusty room or you take him on various trips, it is better to clean it about every 6 months.

But even if the laptop is located in the clean room, the cooling system will suck air into the case. The air always contains dust particles deposited on the fan blades. To remove it is recommended every 3 months. Conduct a full cleaning of the laptop under these conditions is necessary every 3 years.

Defined, needs to be cleaned

To understand that your computer needs to be cleaned quite simply. You need to check the stability of the device and pay attention to his appearance. If the laptop often hangs, slow, and you didn’t installed it on any «heavy programs» are a common cause of the harmful effects of dust.

On the need for a «General cleaning» may reflect the appearance of the device and increase the noise level during its operation. If ventilating holes sticking out pieces of dirt and the hum of the fan bothers to listen to your favorite music that requires immediate treatment.

Tools and materials

For effective cleaning of laptop you will need several tools that you can find every self-respecting host.

Варианты очистки ноутбук от пыли в домашних условиях

They are:

  1. screwdriver set;
  2. the set of q-tips;
  3. thermal grease;
  4. small pliers;
  5. engine oil;
  6. plastic, flat object.

Simple way how to clean laptop dust without disassembling it

Варианты очистки ноутбук от пыли в домашних условиях

It is very common for effective cleaning of digital technology simply wipe with surface wipes. Enough to know the locations of most of the dust and to have access to them. In this case, you can easily clean the laptop without breaking it.

The dust is generated mainly between the ventilation holes. In these places it is better to use cotton swabs or toothpicks with a wound on her wool. Flowing movements remove dust, and then with the help of a blowing vacuum blown the whole laptop.

Video: cleaning the notebook

Option for professionals

The above method of cleaning the laptop is only superficial. To more effectively carry out this procedure you need to take it apart and clean every detail of the device. Before a professional cleaning is necessary to master certain information.

You’ll need to clean from a dust the following components:

  • the body of the laptop;
  • motherboard;
  • radiator;
  • the processor and graphics card.

Parsing and cleaning of the laptop

In the process of disassembly can help you get a good set of screwdrivers, which are readily available in every hardware store. They have different diameters and fit all the bolts holding the cover.

Варианты очистки ноутбук от пыли в домашних условиях

To disassemble the device, you must first remove the keyboard. You need a bit of patience and accuracy. In different models the keyboard is built differently, so you will have to understand the configuration of your model.

The old noutbukov keyboard can stick on special fasteners at the back of the laptop behind the screen. To properly remove it the first thing you want to undock the screen. Also, don’t forget to remove the wires connecting the display and the chassis. Sometimes the keyboard enough to pry with a sharp object (box cutter).

Removing the back cover

Many models of laptops deal by removing the back cover. Usually it is mounted on few bolts. You need to arm a small Phillips screwdriver and a small stock of patience. To remove the cover you need after you have removed the battery of the laptop.

Варианты очистки ноутбук от пыли в домашних условиях

When they reached the motherboard inside the laptop, be very careful! Try not to touch the elements and contacts. It is better to conduct disassembly in a special anti-static clothes and gloves. This will reduce the probability of failure by exposing the device to static electricity.

Clean the dust in hard to reach places most conveniently by using ear sticks. They effectively penetrate into the space between the elements of the motherboard, ventilation openings. They are very handy to clean the corners and various joints. For greater efficiency ear stick better, dip lightly in alcohol.

Cleaning of fan

The bulk of the dirt accumulates on the fan blades inside the laptop. Detach them quite easily. First, you need to disconnect from the motherboard, and secondly- with a screwdriver remove the screws that hold the fan casing. Now he’s ready for cleaning.

Варианты очистки ноутбук от пыли в домашних условиях

To do this simple operation can be regular cloth or a cloth moistened in alcohol. Gently wipe the hull first, then start the blades. For convenience, the fan is better to compress in the hands and not allow the blades to spin.

It is recommended to coat the rotor with oil. For many models of coolers has a special opening. Usually it is closed by the valve, and the top glued branded sticker. Extract from is quite simple. Is sufficient a single drop inside the hole and some time to spin the fan.


Варианты очистки ноутбук от пыли в домашних условиях

The purpose of radiator is to provide maximum cooling to the CPU. Wikidata most carefully, as it affects the performance of your laptop.

Remove and clean from dust and thermal paste

The radiator can be removed by opening the locking mechanism on the motherboard. Please note that thermal paste for long time use may be attached to the CPU and back of the radiator. For this reason to remove it is not as easy as it seems. During the process of withdrawing the required accuracy and care.

Варианты очистки ноутбук от пыли в домашних условиях

The thermal grease to clean up pretty easy. To do this, use a soft cloth. Remove the pasta from the radiator first then CPU. Before re-application of the substance be sure you clean the heatsink and CPU.

When the radiator is removed and the cooler disconnected from him, you have to start cleaning it. A rag or napkin in this case does not show proper performance. Far more productive would be a simple flushing of the radiator with a vacuum cleaner or Hairdryer with powerful airflow. Does this recommended outside the apartment or crowded places.

Apply the thermal grease

When you have managed to disassemble the laptop, it is better to start removing the radiator, cleaning it from dust and applied new thermal paste. Tubes with such a paste is sold in every computer shop.

Варианты очистки ноутбук от пыли в домашних условиях

Apply it in small quantities, and to ensure that she did not get outside of the radiator. To do this, squeeze some thermal paste on the surface (about half a pea). When you put it on the CPU it is evenly distributed over the entire area, participating in effective cooling.

The processor and video card

Remove these items with greater care. In the case of processor it is important to keep the integrity of the pedicle, connecting the circuitry and the motherboard. They are very thin and easily damaged during sharp movements.

Before removing the processor, loosen hindering his movement. All modern brands, it has a similar structure.

Варианты очистки ноутбук от пыли в домашних условиях

The device is a handle and a mounting panel. When you turn the knob to the special position of the panel is revealed, freeing up CPU.

It is enough to clean away the thermal paste. For this purpose, the paper thin structure. It is quite suitable conventional dry wipes. You want to ensure that particles of dust or thermal paste has not got beyond the surface of the processor.

Modern laptops meet 2 version graphics: external and integrated. If with integrated graphics any difficulty arises. She looks like a little chip on the motherboard, then to the outside needs work.

It is removed simply by removing the appropriate connector. Cleaned it better with a stiff brush for painting. Remove the radiator (if it exists) is not recommended in any case. The video card works perfectly even in those cases when you just eliminate the excess dust and clean the radiator.

Cleaning the keyboard

One of the dirtiest items in the house is the computer keyboard. This fully applies to the laptop. To clean it up, use 2 approach depending on the degree of contamination and configuration.

Варианты очистки ноутбук от пыли в домашних условиях

When the keyboard is not too dirty simply wipe with a special towel moistened in alcohol. Also, fit the above ear sticks with cotton tips. The highest efficiency they show in the case of the island-style keyboard.

If the pollution is too large, you must clear one button. The operation will take more time, but the result justifies it.

Assembly clean laptop and keyboard

After you have verified that all components are free from dust, the laptop, you need to collect.

The CPU is set as follows:

  1. on the corresponding socket handle retaining mechanism is moved back. She pulls a retaining bar;
  2. take a look to how is a triangle in the corner of the socket. He indicates, in what position should be installed processor. Neat movement insert the processor back;
  3. snap the handle retaining mechanism and be convinced of reliability of fastening.

The card must be inserted with the same precision as the CPU. It is important to remember that this is the hottest part of the system. For this reason, they must be installed properly.

Варианты очистки ноутбук от пыли в домашних условиях

After cleaning, the keyboard needs to be put back into the laptop in the reverse order of removing it. Do it yourself can even people, poorly versed in the technique.

Taking care of the appliances at work and at home, you provide yourself with comfort while using it and extend its useful life. The last time the PC market was filled with powerful machinery, requiring careful cooling. This made the process of cleaning and proper care even more important.

The cleaning process can do even for a beginner, but with appropriate knowledge and care. This is the most important that should consider a person who decides to undertake the cleaning of dirt and dust deposits from your or someone else’s laptop.

The absence of contamination ensures a quiet working fan that has a beneficial effect on human health.

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