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By | 07.04.2016

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To learn how to make money on the stock exchanges of links without the risk of many write. I want to write about how I work with systems and GoGetLinks GetGoodLinks. These systems are ideal for those webmasters who are able to work, and most importantly — to write. In this case, you will not have problems with the earnings in these systems. I, for example, there are sites that are superior in several times, the income projections systems, as my sites are willing to place orders, many SEOs. This is the result of what I write quickly and accurately. If you speak the language of numbers, in the absence of distractions I can write up to 100 000 characters per day. Thus, without sacrificing the quality of text. About as I may say so, that once I wrote articles for magazines specialized in advertising and wrote a textbook on the psychology of advertising. Well, about distractions — I do not take into account the eight-year son who needs a lot of attention. As a distraction, I consider the lack of internet or broken computer. The only drawback of such performance — Article I dream at night, and I continue to write, just mentally. But still very good overall.

In order to write a high quality, fast and have good ratings in the system must learn to prioritize. So I chose for myself a few cases where jobs are rejected.

1. The most important thing — I reject the application, which is an anchor site address, and in the text of the address of the site does not publish as organically enter URL in the text can not be and there is no exception. And I do not react to the requests of SEO, even if they write that URL can not link. NOT and this rule consistently.

2. I set the value of the link-image the same as the note in order to write the text calmly normal for the system price. And while I reject all the tasks in which the reference picture is need for resources that logically with the picture does not fit together. For example, the link-picture on the key «wedding photographer» is quite appropriate, but the link-picture on the theme of «trucking» does not make sense. And that does not make sense leads to ban or filters, so that for the unthought job I undertake.

3. I also reject the application if the URL in Ukrainian or Russian URL illogical. Such as «Husky. Picture (Video) Khabarovsk. «Beautiful text with the anchor text will not work. The same applies to URLs with errors, write to anchor «cars,» I will not be at any price.

4. Sometimes the style of writing is clear, that the optimizer quarrelsome man and if I have a suspicion that after the job starts agonizing correspondence, then I will also reject an application.

5. Dismisses the applications for the theme is very distant from the subject site. So much so that even I can not write a text on the principle, «if the fish was wool, then the fish were carried to a flea.»

6. The last thing I refuse — on the theme of eroticism job, girls, prostitutes and other illegal content.

7. And if I missed quarrelsome optimizer, I immediately write the administration that the optimizer needs something, do not set the rules. The administration helps to settle such disputes.

9. And yet — the system has a dead time zones, when the site does not open, it’s a 00-00 at 00-30 and 2-00 for 2-30, that’s what I said. In order not to waste time at the time I did not go to the site.

And here’s what I do.

1. I am writing quality texts of 1000 characters and if the logic requires the image, then add it.

2. I write optimized for search texts with creative titles or anchor if the slogan suggests itself, then I come up with a slogan.

3. Url I do not place, but indirectly, for example WEDDING EN pointing out the site address. And if the logic of the article you can place pins — resides.

4. If you are asked not to ad text, write the text of art or publicist. Ask for advertising — writing advertising.

5. TITLE tag put even if the do not ask, because it is logical.

6. I specify the region, as most sites in GoGetLinks GetGoodLinks and commercial systems.

7. The text I write is based on the type of application, whether it is a reference picture or a note.

As a result, the site acquires a unique thematic content and all — satisfied.

So write a very interesting and useful GoGetLinks and GetGoodLinks.

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