OnSight: joint development of Microsoft and NASA

By | 10.12.2018

OnSight: a joint development of Microsoft and NASA

New strategic partnership was pleasantly surprised scientists. NASA and Microsoft began to work together to develop OnSight software which will allow scientists to work virtually on Mars using Microsoft HoloLens.

The new product will allow researchers planning and designing of scientific experiments on the red planet. OnSight will work with land-based equipment of Mars Curiosity and will allow the team the space Agency to work for real in a new way.

OnSight will use data from Curiosity to create a three-dimensional simulation of the surface of Mars. Scientists will be able not only to walk on the planet in the first person, but even better to optimize the performance of the Rover. What is needed now is to transfer images to a computer display and to calculate and set commands to Curiosity. HoloLens will completely change the work process and facilitate the work of NASA.

The OnSight system uses holograms and detailed information on many parameters that are visualized in the simulator. Thus, a hybrid between simulation and transferred to real live data from the ground unit. Of course, this development will help scientists in their experiments.


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