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By | 10.12.2018

Password generator online will protect your account

The primary means of authentication in computer programs, including online applications, are password. As a rule, is a set of letters typed with different register and Arabic numerals, and a little less special characters. The more of them in your password, the more reliable the protection of your personal data, especially on web sites. To create the password manually, it would seem, is very simple, but still it will be vulnerable to burglars programs.

Fortunately today eating better tool, password generator online, creating the perfect protection. Using one one of the present resources, you can save time and be confident that your personal space, for example, the social network account is unavailable to crooks.

Generators passwords

Users need to trust the servers on which to base their important accounts. Of course, a complex password becomes a barrier to any kind of detractors. In this regard, by the way, will the services generators usernames and passwords in the online mode. Why? Yes, because daily we have to deal with dozens of sites where you need to register. Storage of personal data, and especially money, as for example, sites producing financial calculations, is not permitted without the complex structure of the identification by login and password.

I want to tell you about two classic sites offering the generation of secure passwords online. It services:


The basis of the mechanism of formation of passwords is the so-called entropy. In other words, the generator applies a special selection algorithm randomly selected symbols from the global table of encodings, taking into account the previous actions of the user at a specific site generator. All the machines are adapted and have passed a rigorous test in all major browsers, for the correctness of the result.

What is the difference between services creating passwords?

Software online password generators, you can fix the position of the random coordinates of the cursor, clicks the mouse or another series of events, for example, the sequence of pressing the buttons keyboard. However, the main difference between all the generators become long password, it is different everywhere.

For example, on the website it may only consist of 16 characters, as there is a hard limit. At the same time, its competitor Online Password as does not burden the user, nor the length, nor the number of applications. First you will be offered one password at a time like PassGen will be given a choice of ten complex passwords.

By the way, on all sites you can specifically define a sequence of characters. That is not the algorithm, and the data (letters, numbers, special characters), which will generate the next password.

Why is it important to choose a long password?

It all depends on your preference, but it should come directly from the practical purposes of hacking your password hacker. If he is potentially of interest, then it will take some amount of time. Accordingly, the longer the password, the more time you need to hack that a pair does not justify the purposes of hacking the account.

Note: the default passwords consisting of six characters, very often used by default by most websites, having a closed part for the users. Besides, the users themselves are not trying to create a long password, even to log in to your personal account payment systems. Remember that you risk very much, since the desire to hack an experienced attacker will need a little over a minute.

Setting optional values and the number of random sequences of characters, you increase the time hacking. The selection of the generated password, and backed up by the same login name consists of 12 or more characters can take decades.

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