OnePlus 2, 3 and Xiaomi Mi 5 can get the firmware Windows 10 Mobile

By | 10.12.2018

OnePlus 2, 3 and Xiaomi Mi 5 can get the firmware Windows 10 Mobile

OnePlus 2, 3 и Xiaomi Mi 5 могут получить прошивку Windows 10 Mobile

A few months ago, Microsoft began a project to develop the firmware based on Windows 10 Mobile for very popular Android-smartphone Xiaomi Mi 4. Currently, the operating system is not fully stable, but this idea came to mind and, it seems, she wants to continue the project in the hope that it will help the distribution of Windows 10 Mobile in China, where the mobile platform from Microsoft are treated with great skepticism.

Information about this appeared a few days ago with the release of the first build of Windows 10 Mobile Redstone for the latest devices of the Lumia series and the aforementioned Xiaomi Mi 4. In particular, during a chat with users in Chinese social network Weibo Microsoft spokesman said that the new firmware will be released for the Xiaomi Mi 5, OnePlus 2, and the yet to be announced OnePlus 3.

It should be noted that at the beginning of this month, when the Xiaomi Mi 5 has not yet been presented to the public, in a network there was a rumor that this smartphone will be released in the Windows 10 Mobile. If you’ve been following the news from MWC 2016, we can know that the hearing is not justified, but the statement by the Microsoft spokesperson sounds very tempting. Not always the statements of these «representatives» get to the point, but we’ll see.

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