OneNote for Windows 8: a terrific app for taking notes

By | 09.12.2018

OneNote for Windows 8: a terrific app for taking notes

One of the most remarkable features of each tablet with Windows 8/8.1/RT allows you to scribble quick notes on a laptop, and OneNote from Microsoft is perfect for that. But even on the laptop or desktop OneNote remains the same convenient tool for taking notes with many useful features.


The basic structure of OneNote organization consists of three sections: notebooks, sections and pages. Below you can see that I have two notebooks: one for personal notes, and the other for Windowstips. Inside the second notebook I have created three sections, each of which has several pages. Each section has its own color, but more on that later.

OneNote для Windows 8: потрясающее приложение для ведения заметок

Each page can be given its name by typing the necessary text above the thin gray line in the upper left corner of the page, which is also the date and time the page was created. Then you can start to type or write notes. For the convenience of entering notes you can remove the section on the left. For this you need to activate full screen mode via the app bar. If necessary, these sections, you can quickly return by clicking on the icon with three lines in the upper left corner.

OneNote для Windows 8: потрясающее приложение для ведения заметок

As shown above, in some cases, I prefer paper in my notes was with the guides. To include them, again, through the app bar, which is opened by clicking the right mouse button or finger gesture from the top or bottom of the screen, if you have a device with a touch screen. There you can choose unruled a paper or in a cage.

OneNote для Windows 8: потрясающее приложение для ведения заметок

A small icon that appears when placing cursor in the space for entering text, allows you to open the radial (pie) menu.

OneNote для Windows 8: потрясающее приложение для ведения заметок

The radial menu, despite its terrible name, is one of the best aspects of OneNote, which provides almost instant access to a variety of application functions. When working with a stylus by default, this menu will allow you to quickly adjust the pen thickness and color of stroke.

If the stylus you have, the radial menu will still be available to you, however its icon will look like a sheet of paper, pen, and by default will open access to more complex but very useful features: insert images, tables or lists, etc.


You can change the color of each section. In total, there are 16 different colors. You can also create sub-pages that have a small indent and, thus, they stand out against the rest of the pages. For example, I use this function to show the relationship between different notes.

OneNote для Windows 8: потрясающее приложение для ведения заметокOther possibilities

When you select a page or section, or click the right mouse button or long tap, in the bottom of the screen there is a panel with options as shown above. One of these options is called «Copy link». Since all your notes are automatically synced with OneDrive, this feature allows you to create a link that can be shared with your friends or colleagues, if you want to have the ability to see your notes.

Another option is called «pin to start screen», and it works for sections and pages. I guess the purpose of this feature requires no explanation. Other options allow you to delete/rename a section or page. Also worth mentioning is that the app automatically creates backup copies of all your notes in the cloud, this explains the lack of a «Save» button. Thanks to this features all of your notes are available to you from other devices on which you installed OneNote.


It is worth noting that OneNote is available in a desktop version with some extra features, but with a fairly bulky interface, when compared with the Metro version, which may meet the needs of most users.

However, many people underestimate the capabilities of this tool and prefer to use alternatives. However, the touch version of OneNote is great for taking notes, and for visual organization of different aspects of your life, and even to create mind maps.

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