OneDrive now accepts files up to 10 GB

By | 10.12.2018

OneDrive now accepts files up to 10 GB

The company explains that the new feature is a response to the request of users, which in addition to a large space in the cloud want to upload and large files.

New functionality has been introduced gradually around the world and will soon be available to all users of the service. Competing service for data storage in the cloud, such as Dropbox and Google Drive have long been allowed to download large files while OneDrive is still allowed to upload files up to 2 gigabytes.

For comparison, the maximum file upload size in Dropbox is 10GB while Google Drive allows you to download files up to 5 TB.

OneDrive offers 15 GB of disk space for each account. In addition to increased file size, Microsoft hastened sync to OneDrive «about three times». Users will notice it soon, says the company.

Another important improvement to OneDrive is that it allows you to share files directly from Windows Explorer. Users can get links to content in your OneDrive with a simple click of the right mouse button on the desired item followed by selecting the «Share a OneDrive link» from the context menu. After which the link will be copied to the clipboard.

OneDrive теперь принимает файлы размером до 10 Гб

This feature will be available worldwide for those who use Windows 7 and Windows 8.


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