one day Microsoft sold 1 million Xbox One. The company promises to fix issues with the console

By | 09.12.2018

One day Microsoft sold 1 million Xbox One. The company promises to fix problems with the console

November 22, Microsoft has released the Xbox One in several leading markets of the world, and now there’s word that the first day has sold 1 million units of the new console. For the company it is a record that corresponds to the result made its debut a few days earlier the PlayStation 4 from Sony.

However, sales of the Xbox One at first glance equal to the competing PS4 – whereas Sony launched its console in the US and Canada, Microsoft began selling in 13 countries on different continents. On the other hand, game console, Sony’s significantly cheaper, so it’s normal that it attracts more users. Let me remind you, the PS4 costs $399 and Xbox One $100 more expensive. Sales of the PlayStation 4 in Europe will begin on November 29.

As for Nintendo and their new console, the Wii U sales are not very good, but a few days ago for her came one of the most attractive games. Super Mario 3D World is one of the strongest trumps Nintendo, which will attract many fans, but this, of course, is not enough to compete with other platforms.

Meanwhile, it turns out that, as in the case with the PlayStation 4, the first users who bought the Xbox One, has revealed a massive list of problems. Many users complain about some clicks in the console and disabled the video, and some misleading even to refuse the playing of games on physical media. Microsoft has officially stated that they are ready to solve the problem in the shortest possible time.

According to official information, the problem only affects a small part of all available on the consoles, and they will be replaced without verification. The beginning of sales of Xbox One was relatively strong, but most of the voice commands is not working as expected.


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