On the lock screen Windows 10 Mobile will be the launch button for the camera

By | 11.12.2018

Lock screen Windows 10 Mobile will be the launch button for the camera

На экране блокировки Windows 10 Mobile появится кнопка запуска камеры

Somehow so has developed, that the implementation of the most simple and obvious ideas for its software products, Microsoft is almost always to procrastinate. And this is what happened with the ability to run smartphone’s camera from the lock screen.

As you probably know, not all Lumia smartphones come with a separate, hardware camera button. To get to the camera interface on these models in several ways (either from the action center, or from the start screen or app list), but none of them is good for quick access to the camera.

Users are asked to make the camera function on the lock screen, not one year, but Microsoft either didn’t hear them, or simply pretended that do not hear. Now finally heard.

The website WinBeta.org reports that a forthcoming update for Windows 10 Mobile will bring with it the ability to launch the camera directly from lockscreen. This possibility is already available in the preview build of Windows 10 Mobile Redstone tested within the walls of Microsoft.

According and, on models with a virtual navigation bar camera button on the lock screen will take the place of the system by selecting «Back». It is likely that the developers will include some customization, including the ability to place the button in another area lockscreen.

It is logical to assume that this change will be available only on devices without a hardware camera button.

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