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By | 06.04.2016

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Why get into the GGL with your website so hard? Why is the system administration allows itself so easily reject the site, even sites with good performance, design, and content pages in the index? It’s simple. If you get caught with your website in GoGetLinks, then you have found a gold mine. At one site in GGL per month you can receive from 4,000 rubles a month, receive, not particularly straining. The system is very prone to webmasters agree that it is very important. If there is a dispute, such as the requirements of the optimizer are not significant for the system, but it is trying to impose these requirements webmaster, then you just need to write a system administrator and legitimate demands, the optimizer does not put forward any more. The system works is very simple — sign up, add your site and write short notes referring to the resource optimizer. Just keep in mind, optimizers like sites with a minimum of external and internal links to the site, and it is one of the parameters that are automatically checked by the system and a note or a link to a page that does not meet the specified parameters will not pass inspection. Unique content is important. Optimizers working with GoGetLinks, not lazy and check information on the page program for plagiarism. But if you are not lazy, if you know how to work, if your site is really good, then GOGETLINKS opens up excellent prospects for earnings.

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