on July 29, the new Windows Store will open its doors for developers

By | 10.12.2018

On July 29, the new Windows Store will open its doors to developers

With the arrival of Windows 10 store app from Microsoft receive major update since Windows Phone Marketplace. In parallel with the launch of Department store Windows in the framework of the Universal Windows Platform, the Corporation joined the Dev Center for PC and tablets as for smartphones.

New «Windows dev Center» is currently available to all developers in the Preview mode. It is obvious that now the function Dev Center is very limited, given that the ability to upload their apps, developers will receive only July 29, coinciding with the launch of Windows 10 for the PC.

On the same day will be available the final version of the SDK and tools devoted to the development of Windows 10, while the stable version of Visual Studio 2015 will be released the 20th of the current month.

However, to work with Visual Studio 2015 will need the final version of SDK (each SDK is compatible with a specific build), which, as already mentioned, will be released nine days after final release of VS 2015, but until then, developers can use the RC version of Visual Studio.

In General, the day of the start of the new operating system with universal apps from third-party developers will not be much. It is most likely that many of them will decide to start developing for Windows 10 only after July 29.


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