Official: Microsoft will unify all versions of Windows in one

By | 10.12.2018

Official: Microsoft will unify all versions of Windows in one

During the conference, after the announcement of the financial results of the company for the quarter Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella confirmed that the company intends to combine the three major versions of Windows into one. We are talking about Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox. Microsoft has long been working to achieve this goal, it seems that it will be achieved very soon, since the application stores and development tools, in fact, was already unified.

During the Build conference in April presented the concept of universal apps that will work with minimal changes with Windows versions on different devices. According to Nadella, one operating system will cover all screen sizes, from smartphones to TVs. In the past, for each version was a separate company, and now will be the only one with a common architecture. It will be very useful for authors of software, whose apps will run on devices of different types.

The new combined platform, we will likely see in the next version of Windows, ie, somewhere in the beginning of next year.

This move by Microsoft is radically different from the previous approach of the company and its largest competitor Apple, which continues to maintain separate versions of Mac OS and iOS for computers and mobile devices.

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