Official: Microsoft cuts 2100 new jobs

By | 10.12.2018

Official: Microsoft cuts 2100 new jobs

Rumors circulated a few days ago, we received confirmation: Redmond started the second wave of layoffs, which will cover 2100 employees. The representative of the company confirmed that 747 workers are in the structures of the company in the state of Washington, and the rest in other places around the world.

Microsoft did not specify in detail which units this time will affect the process of downsizing, but according to preliminary data, the measures relate not only to the ex-Nokia employees.

Recall that about two months ago, Microsoft announced that, by 2015, the company will leave a total of 18 000 employees. Given 2100 new cuts added to the 13,000 jobs that were eliminated in July, it can be concluded that under appropriate measures will be 2900 employees. Finishing with reductions, the company plans to end fiscal year 2015 (approximately in the month of July of the following year).

The staff reduction is part of measures after acquiring the mobile division of Nokia, aimed at streamlining the corporate structure to make it more compact and capable of more rapid respond to market needs. Less bureaucracy and more efficiency – that’s what he wants to achieve Satya Nadella, taking the difficult decision to reduce the part of its employees.

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